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200 million ounces of silver have been delivered off of COMEX this year, exceeding last year’s record pace. Around the world, the governments and wealthy individuals are acquiring gold and silver at unprecedented rates. “You’re seeing a tip-toeing out of the Dollar and fiat currencies,” Andy says, “at some point that turns into an all out stampede.”

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*Are precious metals manipulated? It’s a highly debated topic. Get multiple perspectives here.

Dollar hegemony is coming to an end. Central banks, lead by the People’s Bank of China, are moving towards Central Bank Digital Currency. Robert Kientz of Gold Silver Pros sees this CBDC movement “will end the Dollar system.” Also, Robert reveals how the recently implemented Basel III will lead to a more true price discovering in the metals markets.

David Hunter is a contrarian macro strategist who has 40+ years experience on Wall Street. His research is telling him a stock market melt-up is ahead followed by an 80% crash. He asserts, “There are few assets that can compare on a valuation basis to what the metals look like right now.”

Climate change is here – at least in the financial system. Fundamental fiscal and monetary policy shifts are creating an environment for high inflation, says Ronni Stöferle, author of the In Gold We Trust Report. He expects later this year a wage price spiral to be the “tipping point” resulting in higher inflation. By the end of the decade, Ronni forecasts gold could rise as high as $8,900 per ounce.

Frank Holmes started the first crypto mining company: HIVE Blockchain Technologies. Now HIVE is on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Frank expects that shifts in monetary and fiscal policies will lead to gold and cryptocurrencies rising significantly. HIVE ticker on NASDAQ: HVBT
Other ETFs mentioned in this interview:
– JETS ETF – NYSE: U.S. Global Jets Index (JETSX)
– U.S. Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners Index (GOAUX)

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