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Is China cornering & draining the world’s gold & silver markets, as well as stockpiling the most strategic commodities in history? Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, returns to Liberty and Finance to connect the dots from dwindling COMEX & LBME physical inventories in the face of unnaturally low prices, and the “long game” strategy being waged by China and the other BRICS+ nations in the East vs. the short-sighted and self-destructive implosion by the western financial and governmental powers.

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Liberty & Finance helps investors make sense of gold and silver markets with expert precious metals news and commentary. We believe we are living in a time of unprecedented risk, and that it is necessary and increasingly urgent for responsible people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their families from the coming financial upheaval. We care about our families and our mission is to help us increase all of our families' safety and preparedness for their financial lives. Gold and silver have been among the safest place to store wealth in dire financial times. This website offers precious metals news from some of the top experts in the gold, silver, and broader natural resource sector. In addition, we are licensed brokers with Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the United States. We can help you buy physical gold and silver. Simply call: 1-888-81-LIBERTY (1-888-815-4237).

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