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1929 All Over Again - Catastrophic Crash Coming | Gareth Soloway Gold is rising even as interest rates are rising. Inflation is what is causing them to rise simultaneously, says trader Gareth Soloway. As for the stock market, there could be a catastrophic crash coming. "I worry that you're going to be in a position much like we were in 1929 into 1930."

Loss Of Civilized Society | Alex Newman All of our liberties are under assault simultaneously, at the crescendo of a century of usurpation of our sovereignty and of freedom. Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything he does. He joins us to discuss free speech, mandates, financial freedom, and parent's rights.

No End In Sight Of Supply Shortages | Trucking Insider Our inside source in the trucking industry joins us to update us on the critical issues in the supply chain pertaining to transportation. "We've lived in some unprecedented times," he says. He sees "no end in sight - at least anytime soon." He recommends planning and preparing ahead, instead of relying on the (no longer) just-in-time supply chain.

Things Are Bad, & They're Going To Get Worse" | Bob Moriarty Gold and energy analyst Bob Moriarty says we are headed into the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes. He explains how to be a contrarian in this tumultuous time. His approach to investing is so simple that it may surprise you.

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