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You can buy gold and silver from any e-commerce site, but what we are offering is a relationship. We want to match your needs with prompt, personalized, and private service.

We are licensed dealer representatives for Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments: one of the oldest and most trusted bullion dealers in the country. What makes Miles Franklin different than other bullion dealers? Miles Franklin is licensed and bonded, is A+ BBB accredited, and has zero complaints ever registered.

Gold and silver bullion help protect your financial future through diversifying your assets into the most secure store of wealth throughout history. Gold and silver have always had value, never gone to zero, and are uncorrelated with other financial assets. Call us to acquire one of the only financial assets you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Meet the Team: a Father and Two Sons

Dunagun Kaiser

(License #40675224)

Dunagun, the father, has hosted our YouTube show since 2013, where he brings together leading experts from the fields of precious metals, mining, finance, constitutional liberty, and preparedness, to benefit a growing audience of over 60,000 passionate subscribers who have amassed over 11 million views. He is a licensed broker with Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments.


Kaiser Johnson

(License #40679568)

Kaiser is the oldest son in the family. He is a licensed broker with Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. In addition to working in the precious metals industry, he is an actor, voice-over professional, and writer.


Elijah K. Johnson

(License #40741599)

Elijah is the youngest in the family. Coin collecting and precious metal investing have been life-long passions for him. He started a YouTube channel on the topics of gold and silver when he was only 16-years-old. This YouTube channel was the spark for what is now Liberty And Finance. Nearly a decade later, Elijah continues as a sound money advocate. He is a host of our Liberty And Finance show and recently became a licensed broker with Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments.


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Kinds Gold/Silver Products

Gold & Silver Coins

Coins are made by a government and are typically the most sought after since government mints are highly trusted and recognized. They normally come in 1 ounce sizes and command a higher premium than other forms of metal when buying and selling.

Gold & Silver Bars

Bars are usually made by private mints and typically range in size from 1 ounce to 1000 ounces. They have a lower premium per ounce than other forms of metal when buying and selling.

Silver Rounds

Rounds look like coins but are privately minted. They typically come in 1 oz size and have a lower premium than coins.

Constitutional Silver

90% silver coinage includes American half dollars, quarters, and dimes prior to 1965. These coins are made by the US Mint. They are commonly also referred to as “junk silver.”

Semi-numismatic Gold

Semi-numismatic gold coins are pre-1933 American gold coins that are valued primarily for their metal content but also have collector value.

How To Buy Gold/Silver

You can buy physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion for personal holdings, secure vault storage, or a precious-metals IRA.

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