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Record Rush To Safety Of Silver & Gold | Andy Schectman LIVE

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BEHIND THE SCENES at Miles Franklin’s Bullion Ops | with Dunagun Kaiser

INSIDE THE VAULT with Miles Franklin CEO Andy Schectman

Run To Gold Is Accelerating | David Morgan

The currency crisis has begun, says David Morgan of The Morgan Report. The run to precious metals began prior to this year's banking crisis as central bank buying of gold hit a record high last year. "There are a lot of factors lining up for hard assets," he says. There's risk of further dominoes falling in the financial system, but he notes investors can mitigate risk by holding assets outside the system.

GOTS: Get Out of The System | Bill Holter

Bill Holter joins us to discuss the recent bank failures in the U.S. and abroad. In two-weeks, seven banks have come into the spotlight: Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank failed; Credit Suisse was taken over by UBS; First Republic and Deutsche Bank have faced significant issues. This is just the tremor before the earthquake, Holter says.

Bank Failures Shocking America | John Rubino

Within the span of only 1-week, bank failures shocked the American people. The rush to safety in the form of gold and silver has just begun, says former Wall Street analyst John Rubino. Trillions of dollars will flow into the metals and resource sectors, he forecasts. He discusses actionable preparedness steps to survive and thrive in this unpredictable system.

This Is Worse Than Lehman; Banking Crisis Worsens | Alasdair Macleod

Credit Suisse was just taken over by UBS. Banks as big as Credit Suisse always have to be saved, otherwise, the ramifications would be disastrous for the global banking system, explains Alasdair Macleod, head of research at Gold Money. One single event is unlikely to take the system down, he says. Instead, one problem will compound upon another. As for the magnitude, he expects the current banking crisis will be considerably greater than the Lehman crisis.

Crash About To Get MUCH Worse | Harry Dent

Best-selling author Harry Dent says a downturn is exactly what the economy needs after it has been artificially propped up by easy money policy over the last decade. A market crash started over a year ago and the next wave down is approaching within a couple months, he forecasts. He expects a 50% decline in housing. Gold will fall to $1000, he says. Amid such a crash of almost every financial asset, huge buying opportunities will exist. He discusses what his favorite sectors will be after the crash.

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