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Decade Of Inflation & What It Means For You | Lyn Alden

November inflation numbers are expected to be higher than in October. Inflation is here to stay, says analyst Lyn Alden. She expects inflation will be higher this decade than last decade, while there may be periods of higher and lower inflation. She shares what this means for gold, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Top CEOs Selling Stocks En Masse | Robert Kientz

Top CEOs are selling billions worth of stocks. What does this mean for the stock market? It could mean a crash is ahead. Financial analyst Robert Kientz says according to certain metrics, the stock market is at one of the highest valuations in history.

"Something's Got To Give" In This Fragile Market | David Morgan

The "money powers" are scared to death, says David Morgan. The system is incredibly fragile. We're seeing a noticeable shift away from stocks. For the gold and silver markets, he sees a low at the end of the year, but a rise after that.

"At Some Point This Bubble Bursts" | Gareth Soloway

The Fed's monetary policy has created a huge bubble in the stock market, says market trader Gareth Soloway. "At some point this bubble bursts," he says, "and it all comes crashing down." He sees 50% drops in many stocks.

Inflation As Widespread As The 1970s | Peter Boockvar

"We're at the beginning of the end," says Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group Peter Boockvar. "We have inflation as widespread as the 1970s. Modern-day central banking has never met inflation pressures like we're seeing now. This is the real test of this extreme experiment of how long it can last."

US Mint Halts Silver Eagle Production | Andy Schectman

The US Mint has halted production of American Silver Eagles for the rest of 2021. Andy Schectman, president & CEO of Miles Franklin, says the US Mint has been "the model of inefficiency" as it has been unable to fulfill its constitutional charter and meet demand for Silver Eagles. He sees demand continuing to increase. With Silver Eagle premiums at $8.50, he says that is high, but premiums could rise higher.

China & Russia Dumping Dollars - Collapse Ahead | Jim Forsythe

Former member of the New Hampshire Senate Jim Forsythe is on a mission to spread the ideas of sound money. He says fiat currency will not last forever and the cracks in the system are already appearing. China and Russia are dedollarizing. This dumping of U.S. dollars will exacerbate the current inflation problem.

Markets Panic Amid New Variant | Alasdair MacLeod

A new variant of the virus is spooking markets around the globe as countries impose travel restrictions on key nations. Many European countries were already heading into lockdown before the news. Head of Research at Gold Money Alasdair MacLeod says central banks will continue to debauch the currencies and sit on interest rates, which will drive gold prices higher.

Why Is China Buying Gold? | Jay Taylor

America is changing fundamentally. The basic foundations America founded on are being discarded, says financial radio show host Jay Taylor. At the same time, countries that do not share American values are accumulating real money: gold. Why are they stockpiling gold? Stay tuned to find out.

Here's What Will Spook Markets | John Rubino

The Federal Reserve will have no other option than to continue to inflate. The re-nomination of Jerome Powell as Fed chair means nothing, says financial author John Rubino. The recent pull-back in metals is also meaningless, he says, for all the bullish fundamentals for gold and silver remain.

2022: The Year For Gold & Silver | Kyle Floyd

CEO of VOX Royalty Kyle Floyd says the world and markets are just waking up to the reality of non-transitory inflation. "It feels like investors are gearing up for 2022 to be the year of metals," he says, "I've never seen so many positive indicators for the metals." Kyle outlines VOX Royalty's record-breaking quarterly results.

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VOX Q3 Earnings Report Press Release

Gold & Silver Fall - What's Next? | LIVE w/ Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, President & CEO of Miles Franklin, joins us live for a Q&A!

Dollar Collapse Ahead - 50% Drop In DXY | Simon Hunt

There will be a US dollar collapse in the coming years, says analyst Simon Hunt. He sees a 50% drop in the USD Index. Russia and China have been preparing by buying gold. He sees China rolling out a gold-backed currency.

Expect Inflation For Decades | Jonathan Davis

We could have high inflation for 30-years, says economist and wealth advisor Jonathan Davis. He says inflation is much higher right now than the government reports and that it's going to get worse. He outlines his investment thesis for the coming decades.

Why Large Gold Deposits Are Scarce | Steve Swatton

Discoveries of truly large gold deposits are becoming increasingly rare. The Mojave gold/copper project is being found to be a buried treasure. K2Gold just significantly expanded the project’s mineralized footprint. K2Gold is a supporting sponsor of Liberty And Finance.


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$100 Silver "A Piece Of Cake" - Possibly $500 Silver | Gary Savage

"$100 silver's going to be a piece of cake," says trading expert Gary Savage. He expects silver to turn into a bubble which could end with silver as high as $500. However, he sees silver could fall in the short-term. If we see major pull-back, "I'm going to buy a lot more silver," he says.

The Next BLACK SWAN & How To Prepare | Andy Schectman

"This is the time to do what the biggest money in the world is doing," says Andy Schectman, president & CEO of Miles Franklin. The world is dedollarizing and moving into gold. With stunning revelations of the new nominees for top financial leadership roles advocating MMT and soviet-style takeover of our bank accounts, many retail investors are looking for a path out of the matrix and moving into precious metals as well. Retail supply of physical gold and silver remain extremely tight.

Epoch Times article

"On The Cusp Of A Breakout" - $8000 Gold & $200 Silver Long-term | Michael Oliver

Gold and silver are "on the cusp" of a breakout, says analyst Michael Oliver. "Gold has led the way." His analysis shows gold has finished with its congestion phase and resumed an uptrend. He shares the next price targets to keep on eye on. Long-term, he's expecting $8000 gold & $200 silver.

"There's Something Broken With The Economy" | Dave Collum

"There's something broken with the economy," says Dave Collum. "There are no truck drivers. No one can get workers." It's not a booming economy as some purport, he says. "It's a completely malfunctioning economy." Find Dave Collum on Twitter @DaveBCollum.

Jaw-Dropping Move Coming Soon | Rob Kirby

Proprietary analyst and founder of, Rob Kirby, returns to Liberty and Finance on the heels of Goldman Sachs being “stunned” by a record $2.6T in options traded in a single day, to warn of jaw-dropping volatility ahead, and a grave outlook for mortgage holders.

Article discussed in this interview: “Goldman Stunned By The Record $2.6 Trillion In Option Notional Traded Last Friday”

Inflation Is Here To Stay | Mario Innecco

If the Fed raises rates to normalize inflation, the financial system will unravel, says macroeconomics analyst Mario Innecco. The recent move in gold and silver is confirmation that the Fed has lost control of inflation.

Gold & Silver Spike Amid Worst Inflation In 30 Years | Craig Hemke

Inflation is running at the highest rate in 30 years. The recent rally in gold and silver could be just beginning. Metals analyst Craig Hemke says if Joe Biden chooses Lael Brainard for Fed chair, get ready for full-blown Modern Monetary Theory. If she's installed, Craig says, "things are going to get really, really, really interesting for gold."

6.2% CPI, Gold & Silver Breakout - What's Next? LIVE 9PM ET w/ Steve Penny

Steve Penny will be here LIVE at 9pm Eastern to share insight into why metals are breaking out and what to expect next.

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It's Happening: Silver & Gold Disappearing | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, President & CEO of Miles Franklin, joins us live for a Q&A!

Silver Is Breaking Out - Reddit Army Is Ready | Phil Streible

The silver price is breaking out. If this breakout is confirmed by a continued rising price, the "Reddit Army" will move out of cryptocurrencies and into silver again, says Phil Streible, Chief Market Strategist of Blue Line Futures.

Expect High Inflation Even w/ Fed Taper | Lobo Tiggre

Gold and silver ended the week up despite the Fed announcing a taper. The Independent Speculator Lobo Tiggre says we could continue to see "persistent high inflation." People are realizing inflation is not "transitory," and this mass understanding should impact gold positively.

Inflation Is Going To Get Worse | Jim Rogers

"Inflation is here," says legendary investor Jim Rogers, "and it's going to get worse." He expects the next economic crisis will be the worst in his lifetime. How should someone invest in such an economic environment? "Stay with what you know," he says. "Become knowledgable because there are going to be difficult times."

Waypoints On The Way To Currency Destruction | Alasdair MacLeod

We are headed to currency destruction, says Head of Research of Gold Money Alasdair MacLeod. Along the way, we are seeing that "the whole system is trying to destroy personal freedom." Alasdair does not believe people will put up with this. "We will kick back, and it won't happen."

One place lack of freedom is found is in the gold and silver markets, he says. He believes precious metal prices are heavily manipulated. But when fully implemented, Basel III regulations will free precious metals from price suppression, he says, starting with settlements of unallocated metals accounts for cash as early as this month.

Are gold and silver markets manipulated? It's debated. Learn more here.

Fed Tapers - Gold & Silver Sell-Off | Robert Kientz

The Fed tapered today, which led to a sell-off in precious metals. However, Robert Kientz says the effect on gold and silver will be "transitory." He remains bullish on precious metals because the Fed is unlikely to be able to raise rates to a high enough level to put serious pressure on metals.

It's Getting "Markedly Harder" To Get Silver | Andy Schectman

The biggest market participants are accumulating gold and silver at a massive pace. And on the retail side, it continues to be incredibly difficult to get product, says Miles Franklin President & CEO Andy Schectman. He believes at some time, prices have to rise. "Be careful what you wish for," he warns, since rising precious metals prices will likely coincide with economic disaster.

Bulletproof Balance Sheet - Here's Why | Rick Rule & Darren Hall

Calibre Mining recently announced the acquisition of Fiore Gold Corp. This interview showcases our partner Calibre Mining Corp and it's growth, production potential, and cashflow due to the recent acquisition. Our guests are renowned investor Rick Rule and the CEO & President of Calibre Mining Darren Hall.




$10,000 Gold & $200 Silver - Why It Could Happen | John Rubino

"The world is changing fundamentally," says analyst John Rubino. "When people start acting on the assumption that the Dollar is going to decline at an accelerating rate as far as the eye can see, then everything changes financially." He sees people moving into gold and silver at an even faster rate, pushing the prices to as high as $10,000 and $200 respectively.

Shortage of Everything | Ted Butler

In a free market, shortages should be temporary. But analyst Ted Butler says price manipulation is causing a long-term shortage of resources across the board. "We're at that critical point where I think it's about to break to the upside," Ted says. CLICK HERE to learn more about precious metal manipulation, a highly debated topic.

Silver Supply Could Vanish Overnight | Andy Schectman

A Biden Nominee has a radical proposal involving the Federal Reserve to take over bank accounts. CEO & president of Miles Franklin Andy Schectman says people must have wealth outside the financial system. Supply for precious metals is adequate at the moment, but this could change overnight, he says. CLICK HERE to read the article mentioned in the interview.

1929 All Over Again - Catastrophic Crash Coming | Gareth Soloway

Gold is rising even as interest rates are rising. Inflation is what is causing them to rise simultaneously, says trader Gareth Soloway. As for the stock market, there could be a catastrophic crash coming. "I worry that you're going to be in a position much like we were in 1929 into 1930."

"Things Are Bad, & They're Going To Get Worse" | Bob Moriarty

Gold and energy analyst Bob Moriarty says we are headed into the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes. He explains how to be a contrarian in this tumultuous time. His approach to investing is so simple that it may surprise you.

Inflationary Pressures Driving Gold/Silver Higher | Gary Wagner

Inflation is not going to be transitory, says Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast. This will make the Fed raise rates, which will lead to an economic downturn, he says. Inflationary pressure is leading to higher gold and silver prices.

Why Silver Could Spike To $80 Or Higher | Chris Vermeulen

When silver moves, it can move fast. Chris Vermeulen is heavily weighted in silver and believes it could move to $80+. He explains there is some major technical work silver must do first. By the end of the year, he expects a signal showing gold and silver are ready for the next leg up.

Silver Bullion Will Disappear - "People Are Waking Up" | Andy Schectman

Supply disruptions in the precious metals industry, such as the Royal Mint running out of silver blanks, are becoming the norm due to unprecedented demand. Gold and silver are your "life raft," says Andy Schectman, CEO & President of Miles Franklin. "Get it while you can."

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