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Crypto Scandal - Collapse Has Just Beginning | Doomberg

"We are running a repeat of the 2008-2009 financial crisis in the crypto world, but without the central bankers as last resort," says Doomberg, "We are going to see the full effect of contagion." Doomberg, Substack's most popular financial channel, joins us to discuss the FTX exchange scandal. Topics also include the USD, gold, the petrodollar system, and energy crises across the globe.  

Fed In Panic Mode; Inflation Out Of Control | James Wesley Rawles

Survival Blog's James Wesley Rawles warns, "We are rapidly approaching a recession." Amid extreme inflation, the Fed is in "panic mode," he says. But Fed chairman Jerome Powell is not a Paul Volker, Rawles says. He expects a pivot from the Fed that will signal even higher inflation to come, putting the markets in turmoil.

Rawles discusses actionable preparedness steps in an uncertain economic environment.

Supply Squeeze In Metals; There Aren't Enough Mines | Tony Giardini

Demand for mineral resources is expected to increase amid the electrification of the economy including increased production of electric vehicles. There are not enough critical and strategic metals, especially copper, right now for the demand that's coming. "There is going to be a scarcity of quality projects out there," says Tony Giardini, president & CEO of Trilogy Metals Inc. Giardini argues Trilogy stands to benefit from the coming boom in metals demand & prices.

Silver Price Shoots Higher | LIVE w/ Steve Penny

Steve Penny joins us LIVE at 1pm Eastern, Nov 10th for an update on metals!

Is the Fed Resolute in This Game of Chicken? | Michael Oliver, Doug Noland & Jay Taylor

Doug Noland and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s Turning Hard Times Into Good Times program hosted by Jay Taylor.

The Federal Reserve has led America and the post-1971 world to the brink of global bankruptcy. It has led the world to this brink of disaster by papering over one credit cycle after another. It has never really allowed the deflationary process to completely wash excesses of debt and mal investment of the past so that new healthy balance sheets could reemerge and an age of egalitarian capitalist prosperity could take hold again in America and beyond. Instead, it has reduced short term pain by bailing out failed companies, keeping them on life support, denying productive capital to be employed in creating “economic green shoots.” Crony capitalism has enriched a ruling elite who now uses the powers of government to deny competing ideas out of the public square and honest capital from competing against their monopolies. Given an absence of productive capital, natural laws of economics require a higher rate of interest to reach equilibrium which the Fed has so far reluctantly allowed to take place. But with a return to honest market-driven interest rates, the Zombie companies and the millions of Americans that rely on them for life support are starting to squeal in pan as they plan to charge the Fed with torches and pitchforks.

Will the Fed have the resolve to allow natural market forces to prevail or will it chicken out as the elite who created it in the first place applies pressure? Or, owing to the fragility of the existing over-indebted economic system, will an earthquake in the financial markets and economy force the Fed’s hand in either entering an even greater QE or go along with the World Economic Forum in engineering a new global currency that replaces the dollar? No one is more focused on the day-to-day global market dynamics than Doug, so we asked him for his views on those questions and more. Michael provides his usual astute momentum and structural analysis of key markets starting with the precious metals.

Don't Fall For These Gold SCAMS | Andy Schectman

Unfortunately there are scams out there in the gold bullion industry. Some companies will push exotic collector coins promising a huge profit, when in reality, the products are being sold sometimes at multiples of the actual buyback value. If you think you may be getting scammed, it is important to get a second opinion on products before finalizing an order.

While the retail bullion industry is federally unregulated, companies in the state of Minnesota, such as Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments, are regulated. Miles Franklin is bonded in the state of Minnesota, and every broker must pass a background check to be licensed. Miles Franklin's clients, regardless of what state they are purchasing from, are protected by Minnesota's regulation standards.

Metals Supply Crisis Will Surprise Everyone | Nolan Watson

The move toward green-energy is going to put a huge strain on the supply of industrial metals and strategic minerals, says Nolan Watson, CEO & president of Sandstorm Gold Royalties. "The politicians, the environmentalists, the scientists don't understand what the miners fundamentally know: the metals aren't going to be there and ready on time." He explains how royalty companies like his own can enable mining companies to accelerate production to mitigate the coming metals supply crisis for the good of all, while also benefiting their shareholders.

Investors Distrusting Bonds; THIS IS HUGE | Robert Kientz

The move into the Dollar with the simultaneous weakness in the bond market shows investors are desiring short-term liquidity. At the same time, many large investors are pulling gold and silver off the exchanges. "The signs are pointing to that people are moving to the metals a little bit more," says Robert Kientz of GoldSilverPros, "And there's big question about whether bonds are going to be the safe haven this time around. That's huge."

Central Banks Fear What's Coming; RECORD Gold Buying | Michael Oliver

Central banks are buying gold at a record rate, because they "fear what's coming," says Michael Oliver, founder of Momentum Structural Analysis. Gold and silver's price action in the metals in the last few days suggests the bottom may be in. From here, he expects silver to vastly outperform gold.

New Bull Market for the Gold Sector: Soon | Bob Hoye, Patrick Highsmith & Jay Taylor

Bob Hoye and Patrick Highsmith return as guests this week and your host Jay Taylor will talk about a company that could become the next huge intrusive gold discovery akin to the evolving 30+ million oz. Snowline Gold Corp.

Those of us who have been investing in gold exploration shares have been depressed by the performance of gold and gold shares. Bob Hoye says the bear market in gold exploration stocks is about to end. It has something to do with the credit cycle as well as the “real price of gold.” Bob explains his thesis which is credible given his track record of several decades.

Patrick Highsmith’s Timberline Resources seems to be onto a high-grade Carlin-style gold discovery in Nevada. Although few investors care at all now about gold exploration stocks, ignoring Timberline Resources may be a mistake given its minuscule market cap relative to potential gains given the scale of gold exploration targets and massive scale of geological structures hosting gold mineralization.

Darkest Financial NIGHTMARE: Buckle Up | Andy Schectman

Silver supply remains extremely tight. Nations are moving away from the Dollar and gold is re-establishing itself as a monetary asset. And the biggest money in the world is waking up and moving into physical precious metals. Signs of a "financial nightmare" coming are clear. Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin, explains in this interview his perspective on the coming crisis and the need to prepare.

Nearing A REVOLUTION As The System Collapses | Bob Moriarty

Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests on this episode of Jay Taylor's "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times."

Inflation is going to run out of control. "All revolutions start when people can't afford food." Social disorder is increasing around the world as prices of everything is skyrocketing. At the same time, banks are facing solvency issues amid a collapse in bond values. "The banking system is teetering on the head of a pin." Bail-ins are a strong possibility, he says. Even though the FDIC technically insures up to $250,000 in bank accounts, the value of the Dollar may be in question at that point. "They can pay you back, but they're going to pay you back in Monopoly money."

There Is Much Pain Ahead - Be Prepared | Rick Rule

Energy crises are on the rise around the globe. World leaders are being little help, but legendary investor Rick Rule believes free markets will win out. However, he explains markets can take years to fix imbalances. He remains an optimist, and explains change is coming. "But there's going to be a lot of volatility in that progress," he says, "change hurts people who are unprepared for it."

We're Not Far From System FAILURE | Francis Hunt

Inflation cannot be reigned in until interest rates get above the rate of inflation, says Francis Hunt of The Market Sniper. While the Dollar has been rising compared to other currencies, the Dollar will eventually fail as well. Owning gold is important to get ahead of the curve, he says. That's what many of the very wealthy individuals in the world are doing, buying the yellow metal.

Economy Will Fall Off A Cliff | Gareth Soloway

"There's a storm brewing here," market trader Gareth Soloway says. He is expecting an economic downturn along with inflation. The Fed cannot come to the rescue if inflation is high. Without promise of money printing, the stock market will continue lower, he forecasts. "You're going to see a prolonged bear market," he says, "I don't think we're going to make new all-time highs for at least a decade."

Are Rising Rates Setting a Debt Avalanche in Motion? | Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver, Chen Lin

Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests on this episode of Jay Taylor's "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times."

Virtually every time the Fed has started raising rates, they continue to raise rates until something breaks. While a portion of the air is left out of the credit bubble that the Fed pops, they never go all the way in letting all the excess air out of those past mal-invested bubbles. Instead, they pile one bubble on top of another such that, over the past 60 years since gold was removed from the dollar, the Fed has created the greatest bubble ever! So, when this current bubble is broken it is possible that the financial system will be reset with a new global financial system. That’s because we know from experience that in a globally connected world financial distress in one market in a corner of the world can’t necessarily be kept from spreading. Global markets have been so distorted by the Fed and other central banks that have manipulated interest rates way below their free-market levels that even the smallest interest rate snowflake rise can be the next one to set the entire dollar-based financial system into a destructive avalanche.

Bob provides his insights into current events that may be set to break the system and we will seek his advice regarding how he believes we should prepare. Michael recently wrote that “This was not a controlled adjustment in rates. This is a collapse situation.” We asked him why he thinks a total collapse of the bond market is a foregone conclusion. Chen who has just returned from travels in Kazakhstan, Turkey and Finland tells us where he is investing his money during these troubled times.

This Is The End Of The System; You're On Your Own | Bill Holter

Demand for physical metal has been extreme, almost completely wiping out wholesalers and depleting the major exchanges' reserves. "I would be surprised if there is metal available for fiat [currency] by the end of the year," says Bill Holter, contributor at JSMineSet. He believes a major economic crisis is ahead. The coming crisis is not a cyclical event, he notes. "This is the end of the system as we knew it."

Exchanges Are Bleeding Silver; There's Not Enough For Everyone | Andy Schectman

The LBMA and COMEX silver inventories are at or near all-time lows. Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin, explains how on the exchanges there are many more claims for silver than there are the actual physical bars immediately available. But investors are requesting physical delivery, bleeding inventories on the major exchanges. On the retail level, supply is being drained as well, and there is no end in sight.

Pension Fund Collapse Is Inevitable | Keith Wiener

For four decades, interest rates have been falling. To make returns in such an environment, financial institutions and pension funds have had to leverage themselves to unprecedented levels. These distortions have largely been allowed due to an abandonment of the gold standard, which removed any real restraint on the financial system. Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, estimates that nearly all defined benefit pension funds are insolvent. "There is no good way to run [the pension funds] in a falling interest rate environment."

This Isn't The 80's...It's WORSE | Adrian Day

"All policy changes have a lag effect," says Adrian Day, founder of Adrian Day Asset Management. "We have not seen the full negative effects of what the Fed has already done." He makes the argument that the Fed's recent hawkish policy is more aggressive than even what Volcker did. A weakened economy will be the result, but inflation will not subside, Day forecasts. In this environment, the gold sector should profit. He is also eyeing commodities that have supply constraints and increased demand.

Fed To Inflict Severe Damage On Markets | Michael Pento

"The recession is coming," says portfolio manager Michael Pento. The Fed is going to fail at normalizing monetary policy, he forecasts. He expects that leading up to a Fed pivot, "the damage is going to be severe" for financial markets. And a Fed reversal will be "rocket fuel" for precious metals.

Someone Won't Get Their SILVER As The Market Breaks | David Morgan

The silver market is distorted, says David Morgan. Registered inventory is extremely low, only 40 million ounces. Physical metals are being drained off the COMEX and LBMA. The market is in backwardation. Retail premiums are skyrocketing. All these factors are converging, making an incredibly bullish case for silver. Possibly as soon as the end of the year, something has to break, he says.

FLASH UPDATE: BoA Warns Of Breakdown In Treasury Market | Gregory Mannarino

Bank of America has warned that a Treasury market breakdown could be sudden.* Market trader Gregory Mannarino has been warning of a debt meltdown for some time. Now, it may be just around the corner. In this flash update, he joins us to discuss preparedness in light of this potential for a huge shock to the financial system.

Silver Mints Shutting Down; Supply Cliff In Q4 | Andy Schectman

Many private mints producing silver bullion are unable to produce product or are not taking new orders, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. This comes at a time of record demand for retail silver and gold products and a whole generation of investors waking up to the need for physical metal. And on the major exchanges, silver inventories are at record low levels, he says. Silver "is disappearing in ways I've never seen," he says. It is very possible that precious metals may not be available for a period in the future.

Stock Crash Will Get Much Worse | Todd "Bubba" Horwitz

Seasoned market trader Todd "Bubba" Horwitz is still expecting the current stock market crash to continue. He expects a 50-70% crash from its highs. Today's rally will not last, he forecasts. While he admits precious metals could fall lower, Bubba is expecting a rally soon. He believes it is important to own physical precious metals and also find stocks of solid companies that will be in business decades from now.

How We'll END THE FED & Return To Gold | Wayne Jett

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Wood and Patrick Highsmith return on this week's episode of Jay Taylor's Turning Hard Times Into Good Times.

Globalist elites have infiltrated not just the U.S. government, but governments all around the world. However, there is reason for optimism, says Wayne Jett, constitutional attorney and author of The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Here And Now.

1913, the year when the Federal Reserve was founded, marked the beginning of the move away from sound money, that is, a gold-standard. The abandonment of the gold-standard has created distortions in financial and political systems around the world. "The first day we can end the Federal Reserve and replace it with a sound currency will be the best day this country has had," he says, "since 1913." Jett explains why he has hope that day will come.

If We See A Default In Silver, It's GAME OVER | Dave Kranzler

A huge amount of precious metals are being taken off the exchanges. "At some point you're going to have a delivery default," says Dave Kranzler, founder of Investment Research Dynamics. If there's a default, "it's going to be chaos in the precious metals market." Already retailers are seeing massive demand for physical product.

Physical Silver Supply Dwindling - What Is The Real Price? | Craig Hemke

Physical silver supply is dwindling. Silver is being taken off the exchanges. With high premiums for bars and coins, what is the real price of physical silver? Craig Hemke joins us to discuss the current conditions in the metals markets amid continued high inflation and economic crisis.

Late Comers Won't Get Any MONEY | Rafi Farber

What is money? Money is precious metals. The U.S. Dollar was once connected to gold and silver. This connection still exists in that people can still purchase precious metals with Dollars. However, acquiring metals may be difficult or impossible if everyone runs towards gold and silver at once. "A lot of people will not get any," says Rafi Farber, founder of The End Game Investor.

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