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Falling Metals Prices - What's Next? | Tony Giardini

The metals and minors drop creates opportunity, says Tony Giardini, CEO and president of Trilogy Metals. Trilogy metals has exposure to copper, zinc, and lead. These metals are critical in the new green economy. He also discusses the possibility of royalty partnerships in the future.

Do Not Let Go Of Your Gold & Silver | Andy Schectman

Central banks are shredding US Treasuries and accumulating gold. For the first time in decades, Treasuries have more downside volatility than gold, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. Metals are also draining from the major exchanges. "Do not let go of your gold and silver," he says.

Dollar To Go Into The DUSTBIN Of History | David Morgan

The Dollar will go into the "dustbin of history" once the Fed reverses, says David Morgan of The Morgan Report. The Fed paused hiking rates last week but is still talking hawkishly. Morgan doesn't expect the Fed to ease anytime soon, but when they do, he forecasts that metals will shoot higher.

Bank Deposits Declining - Here’s How It Ends | ANDY SCHECTMAN

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin discusses the growing concern in the banking system. Bank deposits continue to decline, and he says bank bail-ins are likely to occur before the presidential election. He also updates us on the latest dedollarization developments from the BRICS nations as well as infringement on liberties here in the U.S.

Gold Is Setting Up For Another Run | SHANE WILLIAMS

Shane Williams, CEO of West Red Lake Gold, says gold appears to be setting up for another major bull run. His company has recently acquired the Madsen project, scooping it up for pennies on the dollar. Williams argues that his project will provide investors with further leverage to the anticipated bull move in gold.

Sound Money: The Solution To Reset | FRANCIS HUNT

Francis Hunt analysis of the gold/silver ratio forecasts a possible abrupt move to the upside for the silver price. Based on current chart structures, his upside target for silver is above $40. He explains why inflation has likely not peaked, and how a rise in oil prices could lead to a further surge in inflation.

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