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Trifecta of Bubbles, All At Record Levels | Michael Pento

There is a bubble trifecta: real estate, bonds, and stocks. And every one of these markets is at record levels by any measure. If these bubbles pop, this could be a "wipeout" for the markets, says portfolio manager Michael Pento. While the government has been able to prop up the economy when individual bubbles have popped in the past, "there's not an easy out this time," he says. He discusses lies and distortions from the government and how to protect against financial crisis.

Here's Why Silver Demand Is Surging | Shawn Khunkhun

Demand for silver is surging globally, especially in the East. Demand is outstripping supply with a deficit expected to continue, according to the Silver Institute. Shawn Khunkhun, CEO of Dolly Varden Silver, discusses his focus on high-yield deposits of silver. Silver prices are likely to head much higher, he says, and argues Dolly Varden is ideally positioned to benefit. We're proud to have Dolly Varden Silver (TSX-V: DV, OTC: DOLLF) as a sponsor of LibertyAndFinance.

The System Is Coming Apart | Gregory Mannarino

The mainstream media and public institutions continue to spread lies and distractions, says Gregory Mannarino ( The current financial system is coming apart, he notes, and the banking system is in full blown crisis mode. The whole financial system is being consolidated, he argues. The government is allowing certain institutions to fail to the benefit of larger corporations. He discusses how to remove yourself from the propaganda and protect yourself from the crisis that's upon us.

Precious Metals Will Be Manipulated Higher | Rick Rule

"Markets are bigger than politicians," says legendary investor Rick Rule. All markets are manipulated, he notes, and they are manipulated in the direction that the manipulators find it easiest to move. Rule expects that the trend from now on for metals will be up. "I believe that at some point in the future, the short-term manipulation that happens in the precious metals markets will be on the long, not the short side."

Gold Is The Solution To Monetary Lies & Theft | Newman

There's growing awareness about the corruption in the monetary system. Precious metals, sound money, are the only solution to the lies and theft that plague our current financial system. In the U.S., gold and silver are becoming legal tender in numerous states. The potential to use debit cards backed by gold is emerging and could cause a revolution in money, says Alex Newman, journalist, author, and educator.

Don't Be Shaken Off The Bull | David Morgan

As gold and silver consolidate, some retail investors are selling back their metal. Don't get shaken out, says David Morgan ( These ups and downs are normal in a bull market. As geopolitical conflicts escalate across the globe, being prepared is more important than ever. Morgan discusses not only preparing financially, but also mentally for uncertain times ahead.

Fed Will Panic Amid Market Failure | Michael Oliver

A Fed rate cut would not aid the stock market, warns Michael Oliver. "If you're cheering the possibility of rates cuts, do your history," he says. Rate cuts often signal that the Fed is panicked. Expect a hard landing, he says and disaster in the stock market. Funds will likely continue to flow into precious metals, he notes.

Is The Bull Market Over Or Just Beginning? | LIVE w/ Andy Schectman

As gold and silver consolidate, many are wondering if the precious metals have peaked or are just pausing before another move higher. Get your questions answered LIVE by Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metals.

New Drill Results Confirm: It's Time To Mine This Region Again | Will Robinson

West Red Lake Gold is located in a proven productive region. The Red Lake Gold District is host to some of the richest gold deposits in the world and has produced 30 million ounces of gold from high grade zones. The Company property is located 15 km west of the Red Lake Mine Complex of three mines and two mills operated by Evolution Mining (previously operated by Goldcorp). West Red Lake Gold is a sponsor of LibertyAndFinance.





Things Are Going To Break & Gold Knows It | Tavi Costa

Gold and silver have pulled back, but fundamentals are still quite strong, says Tavi Costa ( Many central banks have been accumulating gold aggressively. Official gold purchases are likely underreported, he says. Around the world, central banks are also increasing their currency supplies. High inflation is likely to continue for years not only in the U.S., but around the world.

China's Monopoly on Strategic Metals Must End | Francois Motte

Rare earth metals are largely sourced from China. However, with increased demand for these strategic metals, and growing geopolitical tensions, China poses a risk of being be unable or unwilling to meet the future demand. It is imperative that the West become more independent of China regarding mining rare earth metals. Francois Motte, CFO of Aclara Resources discusses their breakthrough environmentally friendly process for producing strategic metals while respecting the environment.

How The End Of The US Empire Will Affect You | Matthew Piepenburg

Gold is replacing the US dollar as a reserve currency, says Matthew Piepenburg. This is not the end of the US dollar or America, but it is the end of American hegemony. Piepenburg urges people to pay attention to what really matters and reject the culture wars that are causing even more chaos in the U.S. Staying in reality is important. And in the financial realm, it is imperative to hold real assets in these times of deception.

Russia/China Alliance: Major Blow To US Dollar | David Woo

"There's a complete collapse of trust in the Americans," says David Woo, a former top Wall Street macro strategist. Putin's latest visit to China clearly signals that the alliance between Russia and China is strengthening. Woo suggests China will accelerate their diversification of US dollar holdings into gold. This is the most bullish gold development that has happened in the last 10-years, he says.

Exchanges Close To Running Out Of Silver | Andy Schectman

Precious metals are being drained off of all three major exchanges: LBMA, COMEX, and Shanghai. There is a scramble for physical delivery from the exchanges, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. The bullion banks are "trapped," he argues. The exchanges "are very close to running out of silver," he says. And metals in the East continue to trade at higher prices that in the West. This signals that metals continue to flow East. He discusses the decline of the Western empire and what it signals for the gold and silver going forward.

Strategic Metal Under Radar | Oliver Friesen

Tungsten prices have been surging higher. The metal is critical in defense, and ironically the US gets a large amount of its tungsten from China. Golden Metal Resources PLC (AIM:GMET, OTCQB: GMTLF) is a Nevada focused critical and precious metals exploration and development company which owns the flagship Pilot Mountain Project, believed to host the largest tungsten deposit on American soil. Oliver Friesen, CEO & Executive Director, joins us to discuss. We're proud to have Golden Metal Resources PLC as a sponsor of LibertyAndFinance.

The new 25% tariff on Chinese tungsten imports into the USA.

Tungsten prices increasing almost 20% over the last 4 months alone

Tungsten also shows promising long-term demand, emerging via a brand new tungsten breakthrough in fusion energy technology

"The West Is Sleepwalking Into An Abyss" | Doomberg

Lawfare becoming normalized is threatening America's societal cohesion and economic stability. At the same time, America is involved in two wars and possibly soon three. "The West is sleepwalking into an abyss," says Doomberg. Gold trading at all-time highs is no surprise given the current turmoil.

As Physical Supplies Dwindle, East Takes Control | Peter Krauth

Pricing power in the silver market is likely going to continue to move from West to East, says silver expert Peter Krauth. He discusses the recent rise in silver prices above the critical $30 level. Prices are up more than 30% this year. While he expects higher prices long-term, it is possible that silver drops below $30 short-term during a consolidation.

Crisis For Bullion Banks Amid Surging Metal Prices | Alasdair Macleod

Physical silver and gold are being drained from the major exchanges, and the bullion banks are losing control of the gold and silver prices, according to bullion researcher and former bank director Alasdair Macleod. This could lead to a crisis on the exchanges and a crisis for bullion banks. While the prices of precious metals have been manipulated in the West, the West has spread anti-gold propaganda, says Macleod. But the East has continued to accumulate, probably far more than what is officially reported. Gold is certainly going to reassert itself as money, he says, and the remonetization of gold will spell disaster for the Dollar.

Want to Know What’s Next for Silver? Watch Copper Now! | Craig Hemke

With more eyes turning to silver’s dramatic breakout through multiyear price resistance, investors who are wondering where silver is headed next may do well to look at what’s happening right now with copper, says economist Craig Hemke. Hemke claims that copper’s recent extraordinary price movement, and diversion of physical copper may be driven by critical shortages of the metal on the major exchanges in the face of persistent demand, and that investors may gain insight by watching the physical copper market right now to see what’s next for silver.

Bullion Banks Move Into Silver In Shanghai | Andy Schectman

“We have the making of what could be a giant 'silver squeeze,'" says Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin. Global inventories of silver has been disappearing. Even on Shanghai, metals supplies are decreasing. The largest bullion banks in the western world are now showing up at the Shanghai exchange. Could this signal a last desperate attempt to bring prices down? Andy Schectman discusses.

Stay OUT Of Dollar & Debt Markets; "Terminal Decline" Of Fiat Currencies | Francis Hunt

Precious metals are breaking out of trading rages. The gold/silver ratio has broken down, which means silver is outperforming dramatically. Francis Hunt expects this to continue while he forecasts a rise in both metals. Paper currencies are in "terminal decline," says Francis Hunt. He cautions against holding a lot of cash in the banks.

Retail Investors To Flood Market & Cause Massive Shortage | Don Durrett

While gold has broken to all-time highs and silver has broken above significant resistance, the retail investor has largely stayed out of the move. But if gold keeps running and silver trades to $35 and above, retail investors will pile into silver, says Don Durrett. As retailers are wiped out of product, Durrett expects 1000oz bars will be bought up and disappear. If silver keeps rising to $50 and above, the government could name silver as a "strategic metal," forcing liquidation of ETFs. For this reason, silver above $50 becomes quite risky, he says.

We Have More Power Than The Bankers | Rafi Farber

Silver broke above $30 last week and has held that level ever since. Silver is the "people's money." In the past, when the people wake up and lose faith in a paper currency system, silver moves dramatically higher, says Rafi Farber. No matter how much power the bankers have, "we have much more power than them because there is just so much more of us. When we wake up, we really bring silver up there."

Here's What's Next For Silver | David Morgan LIVE

Silver has broken the $30 level. If the market establishes $30 as a base instead of resistance, what's its next target? Join us LIVE to discuss with silver expert David Morgan.

New Silver Highs Likely Within Months | Michael Oliver

Silver is starting to outperform gold, and Michael Oliver ( says this outperformance signals fireworks are coming in the metals markets. Precious metals are clearly anticipating a Fed pivot. Silver could surge above $50 within months, he forecasts. Rate cuts don’t necessarily mean higher stock prices. General equities are likely topping and could fall significantly, he argues.

Ask The Gold & Silver Brokers LIVE

Are you thinking of purchasing precious metals for the first time but have no idea how to do it? Are you curious about what the heck is going on in the market? Or is calculating the cost of junk silver just way too confusing? It's time for ASK THE BROKERS!

Gold/Silver Shorts Have Been Destroyed | Peter Grandich

Gold and silver continue to surge higher after silver's critical break above $30 last week. Today, gold hit $2449 and silver rose above $32. Peter Grandich ( says this move has overpowered the paper market. If the gold and silver shorts have stayed in the market, "they've been destroyed." The bull market is far from over, forecasts Grandich, "maybe we're half way through this metals move."

Surging Silver Prices Signals Currency Crisis Is Here | Mario Innecco

Silver has surged above $30 and gold above $2400. The stage is set for silver to move toward $50, likely by the end of the year, says Mario Innecco. "I don't think it's going to take that long to get to $50," he says, "I think things are really going to accelerate." The rise in gold and silver means currencies are falling in value. A currency crisis is here, he says.

Gold & Silver Breakout: $30 Silver & $2400 Gold - What's Next? | Bill Holter

The physical precious metals markets in the East are overwhelming the paper manipulation in the West, says Bill Holter. Metals and miners are rising and showing significant signs of strength. He expects a breakout coming. Rising gold prices are signaling a collapse of currencies, he notes and cautions against investors waiting to protect themselves with metals. For those waiting for pullback, he simply says "good luck."

If Silver Breaks $30, Expect $50 Within 12-18 Months | Gareth Soloway

Amid hope of Fed easing, precious metals have risen this week. Silver is likely to break out of the $30 resistance level. Within 12-18 months, market trader Gareth Soloway expects silver to test the all-time high of $50. Gold is likely to pierce $2500 this year, he says. He expects miners and silver to outperform gold as long as prices continue to rise.

Fireworks In Gold & Silver Ahead? | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious joins Dunagun Kaiser, founder of LibertyAndFinance to discuss breaking new analyses released by analyst Bill Holter which signal an imminent breakout to the upside for both gold & silver. Andy also answer your questions LIVE in tonight’s livestream!

Deflation As Economy Comes To A Halt | Michael Penton

Disinflation is coming, says portfolio manager Michael Pento, and even a short period of deflation is likely. Amid the economy coming to a halt, the Fed will have no other option than to inflate the currency supply. At that point, stagflation will become the new normal, he says. And stagflation - high inflation with a weak economy - has proven to be the ideal environment for gold.

Where Is Gold Demand Coming From? | Lobo Tiggre

Where is gold demand coming from? Retail demand is down and more small investors are even starting to sell back bullion. But big institutional players likely want physical metal at this time, argues the Independent Speculator Lobo Tiggre. Not only in the East, but also the West, big institutional money is likely becoming more interested in the yellow metal as a safe haven. When there is a Fed pivot, the retail investors will move into the market, forecasts Tiggre.

Why Gold Is Just Getting Started | Rick Rule

The gold run is far from over, says legendary investor Rick Rule. Unless the US sees a balanced budget, positive real interest rates, and an end of quantitative easing, "I'm not afraid of another 15-years of stagnant gold prices," he says. While gold is at nominal all-time highs, it is still far from its inflation adjusted high. He discusses investing in gold to maintain inflation-protected liquidity and also speculating on specific resource companies. Sign up for the (Virtual or In-Person!) Rule Symposium

Dollar In Terminal Decline; The "Experts" Are Failing Us | Andy Schectman

Inflation is not going away, says Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals. He argues "this pipe dream of a soft landing and lowering rates is off the table." The US dollar is in "terminal decline." While the US weaponizes its currency, other countries are slowly joining forces with one another and decreasing their dependence on the US. The only way to fund the US's massive deficits will be to print currency as many nations stop buying Treasuries, he forecasts.

Gold & Dollar Trading Signal The End Of Fiat Currency | Francis Hunt

The rise in gold is signaling disaster ahead, says The Market Sniper Francis Hunt. The US dollar used to be the main fear trade. However, real return on US Treasuries is massively negative if you use alternative measures of inflation. Investors are starting to see Treasuries as having a "risk premium of failure," Hunt notes. He says the "end of fiat currency" is coming and gold knows it.

Another Bank Failure; Crisis About To Get MUCH WORSE | Alasdair Macleod

The largest single holder of US debt is China. China and Russia are working to reduce their dependence on the Dollar. Gold has been moving from West to East. And the US likely doesn't have all the gold it claims to have. "This has got the makings for an absolute crisis for the West," says Alasdair Macleod. Gold's recent market trading has been unlike anything we've seen since the 1970s, he says. Gold has been rising amid rising interest rates and a rising Dollar. This signals a new fear of the future of credit itself, as the world’s flight to the safety of gold accelerates.

Shanghai Gold Exchange Bleeding Dry COMEX & LBMA | Andy Schectman

Another bank has failed: Republic First Bank. Many experts are concerned of more failures to come. Dedollarization continues as the East sees the risk of holding the Dollar. The East has started to repatriate gold from the United States. In addition, the Shanghai exchange as been pricing precious metals at a premium to the COMEX and LBMA. This has also led to metals moving East at a rapid pace. Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin joins us to discuss.

This Gold/Silver Bull Market Is Different - Here's Why | Michael Oliver

Gold, silver, and miners are likely to outperform the stock market and real estate, says Michael Oliver. Normally during a precious metals bull market there would be a top and then a bear market. But this time may be different he says. "I think the world is facing a monetary crisis, an economic crisis, a political crisis."

3rd Stage Of Silver Bull Has Started | David Morgan

David Morgan says the third phase and the most dramatic time in the precious metals bull market has started. As the traditional stock/bond/housing portfolio fails, there are few places for investors to flee. “There will be more frightened capital that will move out of the conventional investments and into the metals than ever before,” he says. He doesn’t see cryptocurrency as the solution to a failed monetary system and discusses the major flaws in Bitcoin.

All Assets (In The System) Will Be Stolen | Bill Holter

Bill Holter joins us to discuss what could happen in a worst case economic scenario. Assets remaining within the financial system are at risk, he says, and can legally be stolen to bailout (or bail-in) financial institutions. FDIC insurance means little, he notes, given that by the time depositors would receive their insured funds, the Dollar could be worthless. While many people are wary of investing in gold at these all-time high nominal prices, Holter says precious metals still provide insurance against financial chaos. In addition, he argues the bull market in gold and silver is just getting started.

2nd Round Of Inflation Is Here | Rafi Farber

Gold's rally is signaling more inflation ahead. The Fed is unlikely to cut rates amid increasing CPI. Regardless of what the Fed does, the Dollar's decline is ensured, says Rafi Farber of The End Game Investor. He expects silver to skyrocket as the public loses faith in the currency and run towards the "people's money."

System Collapse Could Happen OVERNIGHT | Gregory Mannarino

Demand for investments in the gold sector are likely to quadruple in the coming years. This increase would simply be a reversion to the mean, says legendary investor Rick Rule. He discusses the surprisingly fast way silver has caught up and started to outperform gold recently. But select mining stocks will likely outperform even silver in the coming years, says Rule. He discusses the principles that make it more likely for certain companies to succeed.

Controlled Destruction Of America; It's All Planned | Andy Schectman

Are government officials trying to create a systemic failure in the economy to roll out a reset? Incompetence is an inadequate explanation for the crises that are destabilizing America. From illegal immigration to dedollarization, these crises could be part of a plan many decades in the making. Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin details how many government officials have been influenced by a destructive ideology to reshape America.

Is This The Death Blow To Silver Manipulation? | Peter Grandich

The paper manipulation in the precious metals markets is under threat. The physical exchange in Asia is putting pressure on the Western exchanges. Prices in Asia are higher than in the West, and metals are flowing East. The paper manipulators are "certainly in retreat," says Peter Grandich. Gold has topped $2400 and silver is pushing toward $29.

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