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Keep Your Family Warm When the Furnace is Out | Galen Lehman

Can you weather natural disasters like ice storms or blizzards, and power outages or critical equipment failures, and despite any of these threats still prevent freezing damage to your home and maintain the livable heat and comfort that is so vitally important to your family's survival, stability, and safety?

How can you keep your family and your house from freezing when the furnace is out? Galen Lehman, CEO of Lehman's Hardware, the legendary family-owned premier provider of off-grid, non-electric solutions for self-reliance for over 60 years, joins Reluctant Preppers to lay out the successful options and trade-offs you need to know for keeping your family warm and protected. Lehman draws on decades of experience to alert us to the safety concerns, best practices, and cost issues that really matter to your family!

Home Sweet Survival Home | J. Wayne Fears

So you’re concerned about the risk to your family from severe weather threats and the growing specter of financial disaster and systemic social collapse. Survival expert and legendary author, J Wayne Fears, draws on decades of real-world and hands-on experience to reveal his proven recipe for how to build or renovate your home to provide a comfortable modern residence that can help support and shelter your family through whatever natural or man-made disaster may come our way.

Your Safest & Happiest Life May Not Be Here! | Jeff Berwick

If things collapse, should you consider living outside the U.S. to avoid the helpless dependent hordes and legally avoid taxes and regulations as well? What are the benefits of life as a Permanent Traveler / Prior Taxpayer (PT), and what are the essential steps you can take to start living a freer life now?

Jeff Berwick, founder of Stockhouse.com, Canada’s largest financial website started in 1994, was the CEO and on the board of directors up until 2006. He is now the founder and Chief Editor of The Dollar Vigilante, a free-market financial newsletter focused on covering all aspects of the ongoing financial collapse with information and analysis on investments for safety and for profit during the collapse including investments in gold, silver, energy and agriculture commodities and publicly traded stocks. The Dollar Vigilante covers other aspects including expatriation, both financially and physically and news and info on health, safety and other ways to survive the coming collapse of the US Dollar safely and comfortably.

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