Precious Metal Storage

Storing Your Metals

We offer fully segregated storage for bullion coins and bars of all types and weights, including pre-1933 numismatic gold coins, pre-1964 junk silver, 1000 oz. silver bars, kilo gold bars, etc.

Fully Segregated Storage

Fully segregated storage means that your gold, silver, platinum, or palladium are in your box, labeled, sealed and audited. The metals are stored securely in the Miles Franklin Vault in Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Miami, Salt Lake City or New York. Clients may ship their own existing metals as well for the same storage rates as clients purchasing metals directly from Miles Franklin.

What Makes The Miles Franklin Precious Metals Storage Different?

Most precious metal storage facilities charge on a fluctuating rate. Miles Franklin charges by the ounce. The vaults are located in private facilities not tied in any way to the banking industry. Your metals can be accounted for in full segregation with your name and account number attached. Not all storage programs abroad have the same security, quality of employees, or solid reputations maintained by Miles Franklin.

Clients may elect to arrange a pick up or drop off their own precious metals at the vault locations. All paperwork must be submitted to Miles Franklin with a 3 business day advance notice. Once that is received, an appointment will be arranged and coordinated through the storage facility.

For more information, CALL US: 1-888-81-LIBERTY (1-888-815-4237)

or visit the Miles Franklin Precious Metals Storage website.