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Banks, BRICS, & Bullion | LIVE Update w/ Andy Schectman

What's next for banks, bullion, and BRICS? Get your questions answered LIVE by Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metals.

East Is Preparing For Major Shift | Alasdair Macleod

The inflation problem is far from over, says Alasdair Macleod. The yields on U.S. Treasuries are insufficient for the risk of holding them, he notes. Many countries are moving away from the Dollar or US Treasuries, and into gold. "Things are getting weighted very heavily against the Dollar and the United States," he says.

Putin Says America Is Killing The Dollar | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman has been warning of a global pivot away from the Dollar. In Tucker Carlson's recent interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Putin says the U.S. is killing the Dollar by recent sanctions. Schectman warns that through the U.S. decisions, many nations are uniting against the best interests of America and the U.S. dollar.

Market Crisis Within Months; Bad News For Banks | Michael Pento

The Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) will be ending in March, and the reverse repo liquidity pool is running dry. Portfolio manager Michael Pento warns that the stock market will feel pressure in the coming months. The real estate market is also in a bubble, and a mortgage crisis worse than 2008 could be devastating for the banking system, he says.

Will The Reset Be The End Of The Dollar? | Doomberg

In the case of a global reset, the U.S. would likely come out remaining quite strong, says Doomberg, substack's #1 paid financial contributor. With massive hydrocarbon production, America's energy future is bright, he says. Cheap energy is likely to boost the U.S. economy for years to come, even with a decline in use of the U.S. dollar globally.

Texas Border Crisis - "It's An Invasion" | Edwin Vieira Jr., PhD, JD

The US border crisis brings into question private property rights and personal freedom. It's the "ultimate property clash," says Edwin Vieira Jr., PhD, JD. A prerequisite to personal freedom is private property rights. If an individual loses his ability to own property, then he loses his freedom. "Basically, I'm a slave," says Dr. Vieira.

Banking Contagion Is Inevitable; Investors Will Panic | Rafi Farber

The Bank Term Funding Program ends in March. This program has been a liquidity lifeline from the Fed to the banks since the banking crisis in 2023. Rafi Farber expects commercial real estate loans to lead to catastrophe in the banking system. "This is definitely going to cause a contagion at some point," he says, "and the ending of the Bank Term Funding Program is going to speed it up."

Whole Monetary System Will Collapse | Mario Innecco

The current financial system is too precarious to continue much longer, says Mario Innecco. The banking system is developing further cracks as certain bank stocks are once again taking a hit. While a collapse of the monetary system poses a threat to large institutions and intergovernmental bodies, such an event could provide an opportunity for people to reclaim their sovereignty on a family level, community level, and local governmental level.

We’re In The TERMINAL Phase Of The Debt Crisis | Craig Hemke

The Fed will cut rates by summertime, forecasts Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report. This will put upward pressure on precious metals. While he predicts only a moderate move in metals in 2024, he points out that the US is in the “terminal phase” of a debt crisis. The only way out is to inflate the currency, which will eventually push gold and silver much, much higher.

What Do These Billionaire CEOs See Coming? | Andy Schectman

Numerous CEOs of major companies are dumping massive amounts of their companies stocks. "Why are they all selling? What do they know is coming?" asks Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. The precious metal markets have been "eerily quiet," he says. But given new developments toward dedollarization and the precarious US debt situation, we may be experiencing "the calm before the storm,” as wealthy individuals, funds, and central banks quietly take physical possession.

All Your Financial Assets Could DISAPPEAR | John Rubino

"The financial system is going to break," says John Rubino, widely followed financial author. The masses will likely feel the brunt of the pain if they don't prepare, he says. Since the Dodd-Frank act, bail-in type seizure of your assets are now allowed throughout the financial system. "Whatever you have in an account anywhere can just disappear," he notes, pointing to expert analyses of the current policies for financial institutions, from banks to brokerages.

Get Your Money OUT Of The Banks NOW | Peter Schiff

Compared to 2008, "banks are in much worse shape," says Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Asset Management. The FDIC doesn't have enough funds to bail all the banks out, he points out. If the banking system collapses, either "insured" depositors will not get their funds or they will be paid back in devalued Dollars, Schiff argues. "Either you lose your deposits or your deposits lose their value."

Trouble Brewing In The Banking System | Michael Oliver & Bret Oliver

The Bank Term Funding program comes to an end in March. "Watch the bank stocks," says Bret Oliver. He expects a further crisis in the banking system. Michael Oliver says amid such a crisis, the Fed will have to ease because they "can't let the banks fail."

It's Planned: Tank Entire Credit System | Bill Holter

The M2 money supply is decreasing. The last time we saw a this dramatic decrease in M2 was before the Great Depression, says Bill Holter, former Wall St manager and founder of This decline "is death to the credit markets." The credit market collapses and "that's how you'll own nothing." He expects the government will roll out a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) amid such a crisis. No bank is safe, he says, because the value of currency itself is at stake.

Decay Of The Dollar Accelerating | Andy Schectman

Hot off the main stage at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, Andy Schectman, CEO and president of Miles Franklin declares, “There are dramatic changes ahead,” and, "people have no idea what's coming.” People can sense that something is not right, but many can't pinpoint the issue. The fall of the Dollar's hegemony has been accelerating, says Schectman. Listen now to get Andy’s key takeaways and personal candid remarks following this major international conference!

Debt Market Will Collapse; Hold REAL Assets | Gregory Mannarino

Mainstream economic data is misleading people about the true state of the financial system. "It's all propaganda," says market trader Gregory Mannarino, "I don't believe anything that they say." Debts and deficits are ballooning out of proportion. When the debt market collapses, expect "a shock and awe moment for the world," he says. It's a "ticking time bomb," he notes and points to holding real assets such as commodities and precious metals as a way to "bet against the debt."

Dollar's Hegemony "Death By A Thousand Cuts" | Andy Schectman

The BRICS bank will be issuing bonds and only selling them in exchange for local currencies, bypassing the US dollar. "What we are witnessing with Dollar hegemony is death by a thousand cuts," says Andy Schectman, CEO and president of Miles Franklin. The BRICS nations have now added five more countries to their alliance including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

BRICS Is A MUCH Bigger Deal Than You Think | Peter Grandich

Gold has outperformed the major stock indices since the beginning of the century. The main driver of the gold price is central bank buying, says Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich & Co. The BRICS+ nations are a bigger deal than the mainstream thinks, he says and argues that gold will play some kind of monetary role among those nations.

What Happens When The Banks Go Bust? | Todd "Bubba" Horwitz

The banks are too over leveraged, says Todd "Bubba" Horwitz. "You cannot borrow your way out of debt. The more you have to borrow, the more leverage you are taking on," he says, "and eventually that leverage has to bust." He discusses what he expects will happen if the banks go bust and how it may impact the depositor.

The World Is Selling Bonds & Buying Gold | Andy Schectman

Countries and investors around the world are buying gold, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. He believes they are preparing for a collapse of the Dollar-based financial system. He also discusses the risks in the banking system. A decline in the value of commercial real-estate could lead to bank failures. Bail-ins are a real possibility, he says. And if bail-ins are implemented, they would lead to a mad rush by depositors out of the banking system.

The Energy Grid Could Collapse - Here's Why | Doomberg

"Small changes to one part of the grid could amplify into complete collapse on a moment's notice," says Doomberg. He says that operators of our grids are starting to sound the alarm about grid vulnerability. "The cost to abate this risk certainly wasn't contemplated when we set about the 'greenification' of our grid," he says and discusses basic preparedness steps anyone can take to avoid being without power.

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