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Disinflation, Recession, & Energy Crisis | Lyn Alden

Disinflation is here amid a recession, says Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategies. Inflation will remain above interest rates for the most part, she says. The U.S. national debt will not be paid off in real terms, therefore, since debt holders will be repaid in devalued Dollars. She expects inflation adjusted 5-10-year returns for the stock market to not be great as the stock market moves sideways and inflation rages. Precious metals offer a hedge against negative real yields, she says.

BLACK SWANS Collide, "We're In Dangerous Times" | Bob Moriarty

War continues in Ukraine, Europe is on the verge of drought and famine, and the U.S. economy is on the edge. "There are so many black swans flying around right now that the danger is the black swans run into each other and make things worse," says Marine, Naval Aviator, and financial author Bob Moriarty. He explains the importance of having multiple plans for your finances, food, and water.

Don't Let Your BIGGEST RISK Take You Down | Rick Rule

Legendary investor Rick Rule joins us to discuss preparedness and natural resource investing. The #1 preparedness step is to let go of fear and build your capital, he says. "Preparedness takes capital. So worry about getting capital before you worry about anything else. And remember too that the biggest risk you face is yourself," says Rule. "Don't use your fear of the unknown as an excuse."

Here Who's DRAINING Silver Inventories | Andy Schectman

Silver and gold physical inventories are being drained, but the question is by whom? Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metals joins to share the latest in the metals markets. "The most sophisticated, well-funded, well-informed traders on the planet are using these prices and this misdirection to drain the physical metal across the globe," he says, "and it's accelerating and it isn't slowing down."

Risk RISING In Banking System; It's Time To Opt Out | Keith Weiner

With a yield curve inversion and increased leverage, risk in the banking system is clearly rising, says Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals. "Where does this all end?" he asks. "Nobody knows, but it seems like it's a pretty good deal to have some gold coins and stash them away somewhere." He adds, "to own gold is how people opt out of this mad, mad world."

Debt Slavery or SILVER, Which One Will You Choose? | Travis Leicht

The current monetary system is based on debt. For those who stay inside the system, they are in a kind of debt slavery. The moment you put the first piece of silver in your hand, "you are breaking that debt slavery, because you now own a piece of timeless wealth that can be passed on for generations," says Travis Leicht of Leicht Capital. "And that is how everyone starts their journey.... Once I held my first silver coin, I was like 'I get this now.'"

"We're Close To The Breaking Point" | John Rubino

Stocks tanked the first half of 2022, but now markets are rallying again. Volatility will continue to rise, says John Rubino, founder of But the bigger story is that the current system of fiat currency and debt is coming to an end. "We're close to the breaking point," he says. The realization that there is no painless fix to high inflation will put markets in turmoil. "Over the next few years we could see the next phase of the chaos." It is imperative to be prepared. "The solution to chaos is to limit your risk, because you just can't know exactly what's going to happen."

The Economy Fell Apart Last Time We Saw THIS | Michael Pento

Total debt to GDP is at the same ratio as in December 2007 right when the economy fell apart, says portfolio manager Michael Pento. He expects a reversal from the Fed later this year or early next. Investors should be extremely cautious during these trying times, he says. "You cannot have an implosion of the great three asset bubbles in history - stocks, bonds, and real estate imploding together - and have a soft landing. It's just not possible."

Fighting For Truth Will Cost You | John Whitehead

Citizens must stand together while government overreach abounds. In a situation that feels like David vs Goliath, the people will be powerless against the corporate state unless people stand up. “Those are the heroes in our society,” says John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, “People who are willing to sacrifice a day of their time - maybe stand in a jail cell 2-days or a day - because they were out their exercising their 1st amendment rights.”

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