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Regional Banks Will Disappear; CBDC Takeover | Michael Rectenwald

The “anti-woke professor” Michael Rectenwald joins us for an update on the globalist agenda in the areas of health policy, speech limitations, and the regional banking sector. Rectenwald is a champion of liberty and opposes all forms of totalitarianism and political authoritarianism, including socialism-communism, “social justice,” fascism, political correctness, “woke” ideology, and big tech censorship. He has appeared on Fox News’ The Ingram Angle, The Dan Bongino Show, Lew Rockwell, and other major and independent media channels.

Shanghai Gold Hoard Will Shock Everyone | Francis Hunt

Francis Hunt, The Market Sniper, joins us to discuss how gold confiscation may come about. Does the fact that gold confiscation may happen mean people shouldn't invest in gold? Hunt says the possibility should not discourage people, but people should instead consider diversification, especially geographic diversification. He discusses how China is accumulating gold, and why people may be shocked when they learn how much gold they have.

The Calm Before The STORM | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin, joins us to discuss the current state of the financial system. He notes the public's concern about the banking system has died down, but the problems are far from over. "The insurance premium on backing a default from the Treasury hasn't been this high since '08. The sophisticated investors are telling you we're not out of the woods."

Gold Confiscation To Protect The Dollar? | Doomberg

If the BRICS nations back their new reserve currency in part or whole in gold, then the US could move to confiscate the yellow metal to protect the dollar. Under the guise of "patriotism" or payment security, gold ownership could once again become illegal, says Doomberg, the #1 substack financial contributor. Silver, however, since it is an industrial metal, is less likely to be confiscated.

Disaster for Regional Banks: 40% Decline in Commercial Real-Estate | Bob Moriarty

Commercial real-estate could crash by 40%, says marine, naval aviator, and financial author Bob Moriarty. This crash would be a disaster for regional banks and the whole financial system. However, he believes a collapse is what the system needs. It will wake up the American people to get their financial and moral lives in order. He discusses his favorite forms of gold and silver “insurance” for the times ahead.

Economic Calamity Soon - Here's Why | Michael Pento

While the debt ceiling is almost certainly going to be raised, there will be fiscal tightening, says portfolio manager Michael Pento. This fiscal tightening will occur when the Fed has already tightened monetary policy. He says the both monetary and fiscal tightening will have catastrophic effects for the economy. Already, we are seeing banks collapse. The banking crisis is far from over, he says. He is planning on adding to his position in physical gold, but he has sold his mining stocks recently.

Markets Warning Technical DEFAULT Is Likely | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman says the Treasury market is signaling that the U.S. is headed to a technical default. This could result in a catastrophe for the financial system. Schectman warns that the system is extremely susceptible to shocks. "This is your advanced warning," he says.

Bullion Banks Forced To Cover Shorts? | Alasdair Macleod

Bullion banks are likely extremely net-short at the moment. Typically, this short position would signal lower prices ahead. However, head of research at GoldMoney Alasdair Macleod says this time is likely to play out differently. Because banks are experiencing an outflow of deposits and are needing to reduce leverage, some traders may be pressured to close short-positions.

Temporary Default = The Whole System Collapse? | Rafi Farber

Rafi Farber joins us to discuss the debt ceiling. He says if a U.S. defaults - even a temporary one - would jeopardize the whole system. The system is so fragile that any of a number of things could take it down, he says. What new monetary system would rise out of the ashes of the current system? Farber discusses how a gold-based system would work and why it's likely the world will return to the yellow metal.

Gold Demand To DEFEAT Paper Market As Banking Crisis Worsens | Peter Grandich

Metals have been rallying for a couple months, and now pulling back slightly. When silver and gold prices drop, physical demand typically increases. With the ongoing banking issues and dedollarization, Peter Grandich sees the physical market taking over.

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