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Banker Grills Customer For Withdrawing To Buy Gold

Today's guest is a client who purchased precious metals. When he went to the bank to send the wire for the metals, the banker grilled him with invasive questions, including "What do you plan to do with these metals?" and "Where do you plan to keep them?" What typically should have taken 15-minutes took over a half an hour. After the client had returned to his car, he received a phone call from his banker asking even further questions. When the client shared his story with his wife, the first question that came up was a question they never thought they would ask themselves: "How much money to we feel safe keeping in the bank right now?"

If Derivatives Blow Up, Everything Will Go Under | Bill Holter

If the derivative bubble collapses, then everything on the planet goes under, says Bill Holter, contributor at JSMineset. "Everything runs on credit," he says, "In a complete financial collapse - which is where we are headed - credit will not be available." His message to everyone is: "You need to become as independent and self-sufficient as you can."

Globalists Are Silencing Us | Alex Newman

Journalist, author, and educator Alex Newman joins us to discuss censorship from major media companies, government agencies, and search engines. "What we're seeing is a total war on information," he says. "Any military officer will tell you that without decent intelligence, you are guaranteed to lose the war." He explains people must find accurate sources of information and fight against censorship for the sake of themselves and their families.

When People WANT OUT Of The Banking System | Andy Schectman

Wealth confiscation is happening right now through inflation. Countries around the world are moving away from the U.S. dollar at an accelerating pace. People are increasingly concerned also about the safety of their money in the bank. "The banks are undercapitalized, and they're over leveraged," says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. It wouldn't take too many people pulling their currency out to cause serious problems to the banking industry, he says.

Market Reset: 2nd Phase Of Bear Market Has Begun | Peter Boockvar

We're only in a second of three stages of the stock bear market, says Peter Boockvar, editor of The Boock Report. Real interest rates are still negative, which is a support to precious metals. He sees silver as more volatile and having more potential upside than gold.

I'm Still Waiting For Silver To CRASH | Jim Rogers

"I suspect we will have a hard landing sometime in the next year or so," says legendary investor Jim Rogers. "Hard assets will once again be the place to be." But for the short-term, he expects optimism to return to the markets, pushing up the stock market and possibly pushing down the precious metal markets.

The BEAR Market No One Is Expecting | Ted Oakley

The stock bear market is not over, says Ted Oakley of Oxbow Advisors. He expects that those who bought the rally in July will end up losing. The real way to control risk is by having a high level of liquidity, he says. When fear sets in, gold will make its move, he forecasts.

Electricity Markets BROKE in EU - Biggest Geopolitical Event Now | Doomberg

The energy crisis in Europe is the single biggest geopolitical event currently, says Doomberg. The crisis is leaking into the US, he says. Energy impacts the price of everything, which means with elevated energy prices, inflation is here to stay. Doomberg explains ways to protect against inflation and invest in these trying times.

Bear Market Returns: Credit FREEZE Coming Next | Michael Pento

"The individual investor is so complacent right now," says Portfolio manager Michael Pento, "It's unimaginable." Investors are waiting for the government to save the markets, but "that is not happening this time. It's going to be too little, too late." The Fed has started draining their balance sheet by $95 billion per month. Pento expects a complete freeze in the money markets by first quarter 2023.

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