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Starvation Is A Credible Risk; The Wealthy Know It | Joel Salatin

World leaders and the extremely wealthy are preparing for a food crisis, says American farmer, lecturer, and author Joel Salatin. Numerous billionaires have contacted him inquiring about how to build agrarian bunkers in preparedness for a collapse. President Biden has warned of food shortages. And billionaire Bill Gates is purchasing farmland across the US. Salatin discusses the current egg shortage, why food shortages may get worse in the future, and how to prepare.

Nobody Is Expecting What's Coming | Bob Moriarty

"It's not a question of if the banks are going to go under, but a question of when," says Bob Moriarty, marine, naval aviator, and financial author. "It's going to blow the system sky high so rapidly most people are going to be totally shocked." The banking system is incredibly vulnerable to shocks to the system, he says. He discusses ways to prepare and fortify oneself financial against a crash of the system.

Physical Silver & Gold Market Is Taking Control | Peter Grandich

The conviction of traders for metals spoofing has lead to a decrease in price manipulation, says Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich & Co. The metals market now more accurately reflects the physical market. This market change along with record central bank buying of gold is extremely bullish for metals. He expects a financial crisis ahead and forecasts gold will make a new all time high. He discusses financial preparedness and also stresses the importance of spiritual preparedness.

Financial Repression Is Here; Expect Worse Inflation | Mario Innecco

Inflation has not peaked longterm, says Mario Innecco. He forecasts that another wave of inflation is coming. Financial repression is what is occurring and is going to get worse as people cannot earn an interest rate return higher than inflation. Owning precious metals can protect individuals against this central bank theft.

Escape The System; Complete Shutdown Could Happen Fast | Bill Holter

The M2 currency supply shrinking could be cataclysmic to the debt-based financial system. The system could come down fast, says Bill Holter of Miles Franklin. "All you're going to need is one large institution to become upside down and not be able to pay, not be able to perform on their derivatives, and that will spread like wildfire," he says. "I don't imagine it will take more than 48-72hrs until everything comes down once the first major entity collapses and defaults."

Ask The Gold CEO | Andy Schectman

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Signs Of A New Silver Bull Market | Rick Rule

Macroeconomic factors are creating an extremely bullish environment for gold. Once momentum is established in a gold market, movement in silver often takes off because of its low unit cost, says legendary investor Rick Rule. When a silver bull market commences, the upside can be tremendous. However, he warns silver bull markets can take a while to start and are extremely volatile.

Too Much Debt; Will The Fed Give In? | Ted Oakley

Inflation is coming down, but Ted Oakley of Oxbow Advisors says it'll be difficult to get inflation below 4% or 5%. Rates are putting stress on the economy. The M2 money supply contracted last year for the first time in decades. Real estate is taking a hit and the bear market in stocks will continue, he says. The U.S. is $31 trillion in debt, and if rates stay high long enough, the political side will start complaining. Whether the Fed can have the fortitude to keep rates high to quell inflation remains to be seen, he says.

Crypto Dominos Falling: No Lender Of Last Resort | Doomberg

We're seeing the contagion from the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, says Doomberg, the #1 financial contributor to Substack. Issues with other cryptocurrency exchanges are being uncovered. In the cryptocurrency system, there is no lender of last resort. The cryptocurrency sphere is extremely risky at the moment, he says. Doomberg also discusses energy in 2023 and the move of the BRICS nations towards a new reserve currency.

Pressure Building In Gold Market | E.B. Tucker

Tension is rising between the futures market and physical gold market, says E.B. Tucker, author of Why Gold, Why Now. While the futures market pegs the gold price, the actual production of gold is struggling to grow. He expects gold to make an explosive move to the upside in the early part of this year.

Debt Market Implosion Will Destroy Stock Market Globally | Gregory Mannarino

The stock market is a distraction, says market trader and commentator Gregory Mannarino. The debt market is the market to watch. It's a "ticking time bomb." He says, "It's ticking louder. It's ticking faster. It's going to go off." Central banks are trying to keep the illusion of normalcy, he notes, and in the end, must continue to inflate the system.

The Financial System Is In Trouble & Banks Know It | Andy Schectman

Rafi Farber, founder of The End Game Investor, says a currency crisis is ahead. Gold and silver outperformed almost all other asset classes in 2022. Investors and central banks pulled took delivery of precious metals, largely draining the exchanges. Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments, joins us to discuss the Based on market fundamentals and technical signposts, Schectman is extremely bullish on precious metals this year.

Your Best Bet In An 'Everything Crash' | Economic Ninja

The Economic Ninja forecasts a crisis coming in almost all asset classes. However, he sees that as stocks and real estate crash, precious metals could rise. He explains his philosophy about the positive side of a crisis.

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