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Crypto Scandal - Collapse Has Just Beginning | Doomberg

"We are running a repeat of the 2008-2009 financial crisis in the crypto world, but without the central bankers as last resort," says Doomberg, "We are going to see the full effect of contagion." Doomberg, Substack's most popular financial channel, joins us to discuss the FTX exchange scandal. Topics also include the USD, gold, the petrodollar system, and energy crises across the globe.  

Fed In Panic Mode; Inflation Out Of Control | James Wesley Rawles

Survival Blog's James Wesley Rawles warns, "We are rapidly approaching a recession." Amid extreme inflation, the Fed is in "panic mode," he says. But Fed chairman Jerome Powell is not a Paul Volker, Rawles says. He expects a pivot from the Fed that will signal even higher inflation to come, putting the markets in turmoil.

Rawles discusses actionable preparedness steps in an uncertain economic environment.

Supply Squeeze In Metals; There Aren't Enough Mines | Tony Giardini

Demand for mineral resources is expected to increase amid the electrification of the economy including increased production of electric vehicles. There are not enough critical and strategic metals, especially copper, right now for the demand that's coming. "There is going to be a scarcity of quality projects out there," says Tony Giardini, president & CEO of Trilogy Metals Inc. Giardini argues Trilogy stands to benefit from the coming boom in metals demand & prices.

Investors Distrusting Bonds; THIS IS HUGE | Robert Kientz

The move into the Dollar with the simultaneous weakness in the bond market shows investors are desiring short-term liquidity. At the same time, many large investors are pulling gold and silver off the exchanges. "The signs are pointing to that people are moving to the metals a little bit more," says Robert Kientz of GoldSilverPros, "And there's big question about whether bonds are going to be the safe haven this time around. That's huge."

Central Banks Fear What's Coming; RECORD Gold Buying | Michael Oliver

Central banks are buying gold at a record rate, because they "fear what's coming," says Michael Oliver, founder of Momentum Structural Analysis. Gold and silver's price action in the metals in the last few days suggests the bottom may be in. From here, he expects silver to vastly outperform gold.

Darkest Financial NIGHTMARE: Buckle Up | Andy Schectman

Silver supply remains extremely tight. Nations are moving away from the Dollar and gold is re-establishing itself as a monetary asset. And the biggest money in the world is waking up and moving into physical precious metals. Signs of a "financial nightmare" coming are clear. Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin, explains in this interview his perspective on the coming crisis and the need to prepare.

Nearing A REVOLUTION As The System Collapses | Bob Moriarty

Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests on this episode of Jay Taylor's "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times."

Inflation is going to run out of control. "All revolutions start when people can't afford food." Social disorder is increasing around the world as prices of everything is skyrocketing. At the same time, banks are facing solvency issues amid a collapse in bond values. "The banking system is teetering on the head of a pin." Bail-ins are a strong possibility, he says. Even though the FDIC technically insures up to $250,000 in bank accounts, the value of the Dollar may be in question at that point. "They can pay you back, but they're going to pay you back in Monopoly money."

There Is Much Pain Ahead - Be Prepared | Rick Rule

Energy crises are on the rise around the globe. World leaders are being little help, but legendary investor Rick Rule believes free markets will win out. However, he explains markets can take years to fix imbalances. He remains an optimist, and explains change is coming. "But there's going to be a lot of volatility in that progress," he says, "change hurts people who are unprepared for it."

We're Not Far From System FAILURE | Francis Hunt

Inflation cannot be reigned in until interest rates get above the rate of inflation, says Francis Hunt of The Market Sniper. While the Dollar has been rising compared to other currencies, the Dollar will eventually fail as well. Owning gold is important to get ahead of the curve, he says. That's what many of the very wealthy individuals in the world are doing, buying the yellow metal.

Are Rising Rates Setting a Debt Avalanche in Motion? | Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver, Chen Lin

Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver and Chen Lin return as guests on this episode of Jay Taylor's "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times."

Virtually every time the Fed has started raising rates, they continue to raise rates until something breaks. While a portion of the air is left out of the credit bubble that the Fed pops, they never go all the way in letting all the excess air out of those past mal-invested bubbles. Instead, they pile one bubble on top of another such that, over the past 60 years since gold was removed from the dollar, the Fed has created the greatest bubble ever! So, when this current bubble is broken it is possible that the financial system will be reset with a new global financial system. That’s because we know from experience that in a globally connected world financial distress in one market in a corner of the world can’t necessarily be kept from spreading. Global markets have been so distorted by the Fed and other central banks that have manipulated interest rates way below their free-market levels that even the smallest interest rate snowflake rise can be the next one to set the entire dollar-based financial system into a destructive avalanche.

Bob provides his insights into current events that may be set to break the system and we will seek his advice regarding how he believes we should prepare. Michael recently wrote that “This was not a controlled adjustment in rates. This is a collapse situation.” We asked him why he thinks a total collapse of the bond market is a foregone conclusion. Chen who has just returned from travels in Kazakhstan, Turkey and Finland tells us where he is investing his money during these troubled times.

This Is The End Of The System; You're On Your Own | Bill Holter

Demand for physical metal has been extreme, almost completely wiping out wholesalers and depleting the major exchanges' reserves. "I would be surprised if there is metal available for fiat [currency] by the end of the year," says Bill Holter, contributor at JSMineSet. He believes a major economic crisis is ahead. The coming crisis is not a cyclical event, he notes. "This is the end of the system as we knew it."

Exchanges Are Bleeding Silver; There's Not Enough For Everyone | Andy Schectman

The LBMA and COMEX silver inventories are at or near all-time lows. Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin, explains how on the exchanges there are many more claims for silver than there are the actual physical bars immediately available. But investors are requesting physical delivery, bleeding inventories on the major exchanges. On the retail level, supply is being drained as well, and there is no end in sight.

Pension Fund Collapse Is Inevitable | Keith Wiener

For four decades, interest rates have been falling. To make returns in such an environment, financial institutions and pension funds have had to leverage themselves to unprecedented levels. These distortions have largely been allowed due to an abandonment of the gold standard, which removed any real restraint on the financial system. Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, estimates that nearly all defined benefit pension funds are insolvent. "There is no good way to run [the pension funds] in a falling interest rate environment."

This Isn't The 80's...It's WORSE | Adrian Day

"All policy changes have a lag effect," says Adrian Day, founder of Adrian Day Asset Management. "We have not seen the full negative effects of what the Fed has already done." He makes the argument that the Fed's recent hawkish policy is more aggressive than even what Volcker did. A weakened economy will be the result, but inflation will not subside, Day forecasts. In this environment, the gold sector should profit. He is also eyeing commodities that have supply constraints and increased demand.

Fed To Inflict Severe Damage On Markets | Michael Pento

"The recession is coming," says portfolio manager Michael Pento. The Fed is going to fail at normalizing monetary policy, he forecasts. He expects that leading up to a Fed pivot, "the damage is going to be severe" for financial markets. And a Fed reversal will be "rocket fuel" for precious metals.

How Real is the Threat of Nuclear War? | Daniel McAdams & Jay Taylor

Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, shares his views on world politics and specifically the threat of nuclear war on this week's episode of Jay Taylor's "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times."

Silver Mints Shutting Down; Supply Cliff In Q4 | Andy Schectman

Many private mints producing silver bullion are unable to produce product or are not taking new orders, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. This comes at a time of record demand for retail silver and gold products and a whole generation of investors waking up to the need for physical metal. And on the major exchanges, silver inventories are at record low levels, he says. Silver "is disappearing in ways I've never seen," he says. It is very possible that precious metals may not be available for a period in the future.

Stock Crash Will Get Much Worse | Todd "Bubba" Horwitz

Seasoned market trader Todd "Bubba" Horwitz is still expecting the current stock market crash to continue. He expects a 50-70% crash from its highs. Today's rally will not last, he forecasts. While he admits precious metals could fall lower, Bubba is expecting a rally soon. He believes it is important to own physical precious metals and also find stocks of solid companies that will be in business decades from now.

How We'll END THE FED & Return To Gold | Wayne Jett

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Wood and Patrick Highsmith return on this week's episode of Jay Taylor's Turning Hard Times Into Good Times.

Globalist elites have infiltrated not just the U.S. government, but governments all around the world. However, there is reason for optimism, says Wayne Jett, constitutional attorney and author of The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Here And Now.

1913, the year when the Federal Reserve was founded, marked the beginning of the move away from sound money, that is, a gold-standard. The abandonment of the gold-standard has created distortions in financial and political systems around the world. "The first day we can end the Federal Reserve and replace it with a sound currency will be the best day this country has had," he says, "since 1913." Jett explains why he has hope that day will come.

Late Comers Won't Get Any MONEY | Rafi Farber

What is money? Money is precious metals. The U.S. Dollar was once connected to gold and silver. This connection still exists in that people can still purchase precious metals with Dollars. However, acquiring metals may be difficult or impossible if everyone runs towards gold and silver at once. "A lot of people will not get any," says Rafi Farber, founder of The End Game Investor.

Prepare For BARE Shelves: 3-4 Days & Food Can Be Gone | Doomberg

"We're at a very precarious time," says Doomberg, Substack's #1 financial contributor. The U.K.'s financial system nearly melted down as the British pension funds were hours away from collapse, he says. Now, the Bank of Japan's attempt to peg the Yen is failing. A crisis in the Yen could bleed into the financial system in the U.S. North America is blessed with abundant food and energy resources, but "just-in-time" inventory could put the immediate availability of products in question during a shock to the system. "Preparedness starts at home," he notes, stressing that grocery stores have less than a week of food supplies at any given time.

Thousands Of Businesses Crushed By Inflation | James Howell, Rancher & Trucker

Our guest today is James Howell, a rancher and trucker. He says tens of thousands of businesses are closing their doors as a result of inflation and supply issues. He gives an insiders perspective into the real struggles ranchers and truckers are having in the current economic environment. Many ranchers are having to liquidate livestock just to stay afloat. Howell expects the situation to only get worse and discusses ways he is preparing now.

Bear Market In Everything - There's No Place To Hide | John Rubino

If the Fed funds rate rises to 4% or higher, markets could enter panic mode, says John Rubino, founder of "There will truly be no place to hide," he says. Cash will be losing value from inflation. Bonds will be falling. Real estate will tank. And stocks will fall along with everything else, he says. "It's potentially the kind of market we have never seen before." Preparedness is more important than ever, he notes.

Will Gold Fall Lower? I Hope So | Rick Rule

The precious metals sector is in a malaise, says legendary investor Rick Rule, president & CEO of Rule Investment Media. He expects that if the Fed is able to continue to raise rates, precious metals will fall in U.S. dollar terms. However, he presumes the Fed needs to reverse eventually, and precious metals will be off to the races. "I'm attracted to lower gold and silver prices," he says, pointing out that lower prices would simply be a better buying opportunity for him. Rule discusses ways to reduce risk amid a volatile market. He stresses the need to invest in your own education. The biggest risk that you face is yourself, he reminds us.

Nearing The WORST Crisis Yet, But The Biggest Opportunity Yet | Economic Ninja

The "Economic Ninja" joins us today to discuss why the coming currency crisis will be worse than 2008 and the dot-com crises. But what's the positive side a the crash? He explains creative ways to take advantage of supply chain issues and inflation.

Banker Grills Customer For Withdrawing To Buy Gold

Today's guest is a client who purchased precious metals. When he went to the bank to send the wire for the metals, the banker grilled him with invasive questions, including "What do you plan to do with these metals?" and "Where do you plan to keep them?" What typically should have taken 15-minutes took over a half an hour. After the client had returned to his car, he received a phone call from his banker asking even further questions. When the client shared his story with his wife, the first question that came up was a question they never thought they would ask themselves: "How much money to we feel safe keeping in the bank right now?"

If Derivatives Blow Up, Everything Will Go Under | Bill Holter

If the derivative bubble collapses, then everything on the planet goes under, says Bill Holter, contributor at JSMineset. "Everything runs on credit," he says, "In a complete financial collapse - which is where we are headed - credit will not be available." His message to everyone is: "You need to become as independent and self-sufficient as you can."

Globalists Are Silencing Us | Alex Newman

Journalist, author, and educator Alex Newman joins us to discuss censorship from major media companies, government agencies, and search engines. "What we're seeing is a total war on information," he says. "Any military officer will tell you that without decent intelligence, you are guaranteed to lose the war." He explains people must find accurate sources of information and fight against censorship for the sake of themselves and their families.

When People WANT OUT Of The Banking System | Andy Schectman

Wealth confiscation is happening right now through inflation. Countries around the world are moving away from the U.S. dollar at an accelerating pace. People are increasingly concerned also about the safety of their money in the bank. "The banks are undercapitalized, and they're over leveraged," says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. It wouldn't take too many people pulling their currency out to cause serious problems to the banking industry, he says.

Market Reset: 2nd Phase Of Bear Market Has Begun | Peter Boockvar

We're only in a second of three stages of the stock bear market, says Peter Boockvar, editor of The Boock Report. Real interest rates are still negative, which is a support to precious metals. He sees silver as more volatile and having more potential upside than gold.

I'm Still Waiting For Silver To CRASH | Jim Rogers

"I suspect we will have a hard landing sometime in the next year or so," says legendary investor Jim Rogers. "Hard assets will once again be the place to be." But for the short-term, he expects optimism to return to the markets, pushing up the stock market and possibly pushing down the precious metal markets.

The BEAR Market No One Is Expecting | Ted Oakley

The stock bear market is not over, says Ted Oakley of Oxbow Advisors. He expects that those who bought the rally in July will end up losing. The real way to control risk is by having a high level of liquidity, he says. When fear sets in, gold will make its move, he forecasts.

Electricity Markets BROKE in EU - Biggest Geopolitical Event Now | Doomberg

The energy crisis in Europe is the single biggest geopolitical event currently, says Doomberg. The crisis is leaking into the US, he says. Energy impacts the price of everything, which means with elevated energy prices, inflation is here to stay. Doomberg explains ways to protect against inflation and invest in these trying times.

Bear Market Returns: Credit FREEZE Coming Next | Michael Pento

"The individual investor is so complacent right now," says Portfolio manager Michael Pento, "It's unimaginable." Investors are waiting for the government to save the markets, but "that is not happening this time. It's going to be too little, too late." The Fed has started draining their balance sheet by $95 billion per month. Pento expects a complete freeze in the money markets by first quarter 2023.

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