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On The Precipice Of Collapse | Alasdair MacLeod

"The banking system is in the state of collapse," says former bank director Alasdair MacLeod. In effort to support the banking system, central banks will create an inflate away the value of currencies. Therefore, the current inflationary crisis will only get worse. While rising prices are eating away at people's savings, asset values are falling amid rising interest rates. "Where do I put my money?" is a more pertinent question than ever before.

IMF WARNS: Global Economy's Biggest Test Since WWII | Mario Innecco

The head of the International Monetary Fund has warned that the global economy is undergoing the biggest test since World War II. Inflation is raging around the world and putting pressure on the financial system. Germany just announced the highest inflation rate in 70-years. Financial commentator Mario Innecco expects the stock market to continue to fall as the global economy continues to weaken. Hard assets and commodities should do well he says as people rush towards safety.

Got: Honest Money, Truth, and Legitimate Govt? | Mike Rivero

Honest money, truth, and legitimate government has largely been taken away from the people. Radio show host Mike Rivero joins us to discuss how current actions by governmental authorities are threatening free speech. He brings to light how honesty was removed from the monetary system and how the U.S. dollar is now threatened as a result. Instead of confronting such assaults on liberty, government authorities have largely turned a blind eye and betrayed the people. How can we stand up in the midst of all this corruption and dishonesty? Stay tuned to find out!

Stock Market Spooked, Waterfall Decline Imminent? | Lobo Tiggre

The Independent Speculator Lobo Tiggre says there is a risk of a major stock market pullback. The natural resource sector could fall temporarily along with the stock market. This pullback would be an excellent buying opportunity, he says, noting that having cash on the side-lines may be a good option right now. Long-term, monetary metals are essential for a sustained period of high inflation.

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Feed Your Family When Shelves Are Bare | Joel Salatin

Large food producers will have unprecedented issues going forward, says American farmer, lecturer, and author Joel Salatin. "Centralized, just-in-time, mega-facilities are in a very non-resilient, very vulnerable spot right now." Whether it be through shoring up stored food, making close relationships with local farmers, or starting to produce food of your own, you can take action today to protect your family as food scarcity becomes a reality.

Officials Are Preparing For Nuclear Conflict | Joel Skousen

Renowned editor of the World Affairs Brief, and author of Strategic Relocation, and The Secure Home, Joel Skousen, returns to Liberty And Finance to discuss the risk of nuclear conflict this decade. He discusses preparedness steps you can take to fortify your family. "People will be relatively unscathed if they are prepared and are in rural areas."

"It's Going To Be Brutal" - Repeat Of 1929 | Bob Moriarty

"The market is the most out of balance today it's ever been," says financial author, Marine, and Naval Aviator Bob Moriarty, "It will self-correct. But it's going to be brutal." Along with the stock crash, the cost of energy and food are skyrocketing. This stock market crash will look like 1929 all over again, Bob Moriarty expects. He says owning hard assets as well as having a good stock of cash is imperative for surviving the coming crisis and being able to take advantage of investment opportunities going forward.

"The Great Reset Is Underway" | Andy Schectman

"The Fed is trapped," says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. "When the market realizes [the Fed is] trapped, things are going to get really, really interesting." He believes what has been referred to as "The Great Reset" is currently underway. If interest rates rise significantly, the economy will be in crisis, he says. "You raise rates and you bankrupt future generations," he says, "you blow up the economy."

New Threat To The Whole System | Edwin Vieira Jr, PhD, JD

The Department of Homeland Security created the "Disinformation Government Board" last week. The Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says it will not monitor American citizens and will not infringe on free speech. But when the government expands, it hardly ever expands freedoms. Instead, freedoms are often curtailed. Constitutional attorney Edwin Vieira Jr, PhD, JD, considers the threat this new board may have on free speech and is skeptical the board can remain non-partisan. He explains the whole system of governance is dependent on accountability and the need for free and open debate. A threat to free speech is a threat to the whole system of governance.

Edwin Vieira on News With Views

60% Market Crash As Inflation Rages | Todd "Bubba" Horwitz

"You have an economy that's in a lot of trouble," says seasoned trader Todd "Bubba" Horwitz, "and you have inflation that's out of control." Trading volume is low as stock prices are remaining relatively high. But as volume increases and the retail trader gets concerned, Bubba expects markets to sell-off. He says investors must be in assets that are going to appreciate. He also owns precious metals for protection.

Economic Explosion - The Fuse Is Lit | Bill Holter

Multiple countries are moving away from the US dollar. The fuse it lit, says Bill Holter, contributor at JSMineSet.com, and the system will explode when the only buyer of Treasuries is the Federal Reserve. He describes how to prepare for a collapse. "In an urban environment, when the financial system goes down," he says, "you will not make it." He suggests living rural to prepare for the collapse of the system. 90% constitutional silver could be the ideal transaction medium in a currency crisis, he says, because of its recognizability and divisibility.

80% Stock Crash, Credit Freeze, NO CASH In Banks | Gregory Mannarino

For decades, government policy has been borrowing from the future. The day of reckoning is coming. Market trader and coach Gregory Mannarino expects the stock market to crash as much as 80%. Investors will rush out of stocks and into real assets, he says. "There's going to be a credit freeze," he forecasts. "There's going to be no cash in the banks.... You need a survival plan." Mannarino suggests diversifying into hard assets and building a community of like minded individuals to weather the storm.

Gold Is About To Take Center Stage | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, President & CEO of Miles Franklin, joins us to discuss his expectations for gold to return to financial systems around the world. In fact, there may already be countries considering gold-backed currencies.

Gold-backed Ruble To Shock The West | Mario Innecco

Russia is considering backing their currency with gold. Macroeconomics analyst Mario Innecco says fiat currency systems are collapsing around the world. In this time of currency crisis and economic turmoil, He expects many countries will back their currencies with gold, not just Russia.

End Of The Euro Before Next Year | Alasdair MacLeod

"I think we're looking at the end of the Euro," declares Alasdair MacLeod, former bank director and current head of research at Gold Money. "If the Euro's around at the end of this year, I will be surprised." The demise of the Euro will reverberate through the global banking system. Businesses could collapse, and many stocks, bonds, and ETFs could fall to zero, he says.

China Shocks Global Economy - It's Not Over | Aden Sisters

The pandemic has led to unprecedented disruptions around the globe. Just when people thought the worst might be behind us, China shocked the world again with extremely strict lockdowns. Pamela and Mary Anne Aden, market charting pioneers and founders of The Aden Forecast, join us to discuss the forward impacts of the latest lockdowns and geopolitical conflicts on critical global supply chains including food, medical, energy, and more. "It's a big deal," says Mary Anne Aden, "and it's going to affect the whole world economy and the markets."

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