Expect "Steep Downward Correction" In Stocks | Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

Expect a "steep downward correction" in the stock markets, say influential investment analysts Mary Anne & Pamela Aden of The Aden Forecast. In contrast, the sisters are expecting a gold super-cycle to continue for the next several years. "Buy on any kind of weakness this year," Pamela suggests.

If Gold & Silver Crash - "Back Up The Truck" | John Rubino

The Nasdaq is down more than 10% this year. If we see a crash in the stock market, we could see a momentary crash also in precious metals. If this happens, "back up the truck," because metals prices could reverse dramatically to the upside, says John Rubino

Is The Republic Lost? | Edwin Vieira Jr., PhD, J.D.

Will we ever see freedom again? Is our Republic lost? Edwin Vieira Jr., PhD, J.D. says we must work to restore our republic, because we can't start over.


Massive Deliveries Off Shanghai, COMEX, & ETFs | Andy Schectman

There have been massive deliveries of physical metal from Shanghai, COMEX, and ETFs, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. He offers his inside scoop into the latest in the metals markets. He also offers personal insights and his philosophy into what kind of gold and silver to own.

Keynes' Destruction Of Our World: Right On Track | Keith Weiner

The destruction of the currency and the insidious intrusion of government control into every aspect of our lives are on track to cause a stealth collapse of civilization as we know it. Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of Monetary Metals, is on a mission to educate people about the dark design of the fiat currency system and how to reclaim hope for our future through tangible and sustainable income growth based on real money: gold and silver.

Significant Downside In Stock Market | Tavi Costa

There is significant downside potential in the stock market, says portfolio manager Tavi Costa. The technology sector may suffer from the re-opening of the economy as fears of the virus subside. Gold and silver underperformed compared to other commodities last year, and Tavi sees it's time for the metals to play catch-up. High inflation is here to stay, he says, which should also push gold higher.

Implosion Of The Media | Alex Newman

"The media's control over the narrative has all but imploded," says Epoch Times contributor Alex Newman. A return to freedom could be coming, that is if people continue to break away from the mainstream.

The Liberty Sentinal

Public School Exit

The New American

Central Banks Selling Dollars To Buy Gold | Craig Hemke

With uncertain Fed policy, concerning geopolitics, and a divisive election cycle, 2022 will be a crazy year, says metals analyst Craig Hemke. Central banks continue to buy gold in this uncertain environment and sell US dollar holdings. He sees big moves in gold and silver this year as the purchasing power of the US dollar continues to drop.

We're Seeing Stock Market Carnage | Jerry Robinson

The U.S. has accumulated an astonishing amount of debt since the beginning of the pandemic. It's going to be very difficult for the Fed to raise rates, says economist Jerry Robinson. With suggestion of rate hikes, the stock market is already starting to sell-off.

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Those Steering Our Monetary Ship are Moving Themselves into Tangibles NOW | Rob Kirby

“If you are holding dollars, and dollars are no longer the currency of the realm, you get a big zero,” declares widely followed proprietary analyst Rob Kirby. Kirby returns to Liberty and Finance to connect the dots between runaway currency creation, dark government books, and a covert move by the elite into tangibles, buying up America’s real estate across the board, and getting out of dollars into hard assets including gold & silver.

Your Account Will Get Shut Down w/ FedCoin | Alasdair MacLeod

Inflation is rising and is being underreported by governments, says Alasdair MacLeod, Head of Research at Gold Money. Interest rates have to rise, regardless of whether monetary policy changes them. There is an effort globally by central banks to consolidate power by issuing their own CBDC cryptocurrencies. If issued by the Fed, FedCoin would involve a new level of control over every transaction and an invasion of privacy, Alasdair says.

"Almost Sold-Out Of Silver | Andy Schectman

Miles Franklin Precious Metals has experienced more demand in the past two-years than ever before, and right now, supply is as tight as ever. "It's as dire of a situation I've seen in 2-years." Almost all silver is sold-out or delayed, says Miles Franklin's CEO & president Andy Schectman. "We're seeing difficulties in getting product to levels I've never experienced before." Sovereign mints across-the-board are exhibiting production outages and delays.

"We Need To Be Preparing For Something Dramatic" | John Rubino

"We need to be preparing for something dramatic," says financial author John Rubino. People are losing confidence in public institutions across the board, and it is just a matter of time until they lose confidence in the currency. 2022 could be setting the stage for a Dollar collapse. "It's been a good thing to focus on safe haven assets for a while," he says, "but now it's crucial."

Global Cyber Attach War Games | Andy Schectman

Following war-games simulations, preparatory scenario planning, and official announcements, a cyber attack, "is the greatest concern in 2022," says Andy Schectman, CEO and president of Miles Franklin. People's finances are largely tied up in digital forms, and a cyber attack could shake the public into awareness of this reality. "If it does happen," he says, "that's the awakening moment where people say 'I need to get some real money in my hands.'"

2022 Stock Crash & Metals Super Rally | Michael Pento

Portfolio manager Michael Pento says the Fed has concocted the biggest market bubble in history . He gives his forecast of 2022. He expects a stock crash in the first half of the year and a reversal by the Federal Reserve towards further stimulus. "I will very soon," he says, "start increasing my exposure to gold." He believes gold could "rip higher" in the early part of 2022.

System On Life Support - "It Will Be All Over" | Bill Holter

Bill Holter, contributor to JSMineSet, says the financial system is on "life support." With the Fed withdrawing stimulus, "it will be all over." Holding real money - gold and silver - outside the banking system is imperative. He details what he is doing to prepare for what he calls a mathematically certain collapse.

"Jaw Dropping" Move In Gold & Silver Amid Monetary Panic | Michael Oliver

Momentum analyst Michael Oliver expects gold and silver to start moving higher the first quarter 2022. The move will be "jaw dropping," he says, since it will coincide with a crashing stock market. "Monetary panic will ensue."

You're On the Surveillance State's Naughty List | John Whitehead

You are being surveilled more than you think, says attorney John Whitehead. "Everywhere you go you're going to be watched." He says we are moving into a Chinese-style social credit score society where everything you do is being tracked, influenced, screened by AI monitoring and soon controlled.

If Fed Was REALLY Hawkish, "They Would Bring The Whole System Down" | Mario Innecco

Amid the highest inflation in nearly 40-years, the Fed announced today they would taper twice as fast as expected. However, with continued promises of stimulus and no immediate rate hikes, the Fed's decision is not aggressive, says macroeconomics analyst Mario Innecco. If they were aggressive, such as raising rates sharply, "they would bring the whole system down."

Massive Insider Stock Dumping | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, president of Miles Franklin, says we are seeing the greatest ever dumping of stocks by insiders. Top CEOs are selling billions in stocks.

He also shares the latest regarding the tight physical supply we're seeing in the gold and silver markets. "You can't wait till you see the iceberg," he says, "you have to have the lifeboats on the raft before it happens."

DeSantis Re-Establishes FL State Guard | Dr. Edwin Vieira

Renowned constitutional attorney Dr. Edwin Vieira returns to Liberty and Finance to discuss the movement of 23 states establishing state guards so far. He explains the constitutional foundation of Florida governor DeSantis’ latest announcement, the origins and history of state guards vs. constitutional state militias, what it means for Florida, and for all Americans.

News articles:

DeSantis proposes creation of a Florida State Guard that the governor would control

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Military Budget Proposal to Guard Florida’s Future

Book discussed:

Defenseless Under the Night

Decade Of Inflation & What It Means For You | Lyn Alden

November inflation numbers are expected to be higher than in October. Inflation is here to stay, says analyst Lyn Alden. She expects inflation will be higher this decade than last decade, while there may be periods of higher and lower inflation. She shares what this means for gold, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Top CEOs Selling Stocks En Masse | Robert Kientz

Top CEOs are selling billions worth of stocks. What does this mean for the stock market? It could mean a crash is ahead. Financial analyst Robert Kientz says according to certain metrics, the stock market is at one of the highest valuations in history.

"Something's Got To Give" In This Fragile Market | David Morgan

The "money powers" are scared to death, says David Morgan. The system is incredibly fragile. We're seeing a noticeable shift away from stocks. For the gold and silver markets, he sees a low at the end of the year, but a rise after that.

"At Some Point This Bubble Bursts" | Gareth Soloway

The Fed's monetary policy has created a huge bubble in the stock market, says market trader Gareth Soloway. "At some point this bubble bursts," he says, "and it all comes crashing down." He sees 50% drops in many stocks.

Inflation As Widespread As The 1970s | Peter Boockvar

"We're at the beginning of the end," says Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group Peter Boockvar. "We have inflation as widespread as the 1970s. Modern-day central banking has never met inflation pressures like we're seeing now. This is the real test of this extreme experiment of how long it can last."

Markets Panic Amid New Variant | Alasdair MacLeod

A new variant of the virus is spooking markets around the globe as countries impose travel restrictions on key nations. Many European countries were already heading into lockdown before the news. Head of Research at Gold Money Alasdair MacLeod says central banks will continue to debauch the currencies and sit on interest rates, which will drive gold prices higher.

China & Russia Dumping Dollars - Collapse Ahead | Jim Forsythe

Former member of the New Hampshire Senate Jim Forsythe is on a mission to spread the ideas of sound money. He says fiat currency will not last forever and the cracks in the system are already appearing. China and Russia are dedollarizing. This dumping of U.S. dollars will exacerbate the current inflation problem.

Why Is China Buying Gold? | Jay Taylor

America is changing fundamentally. The basic foundations America founded on are being discarded, says financial radio show host Jay Taylor. At the same time, countries that do not share American values are accumulating real money: gold. Why are they stockpiling gold? Stay tuned to find out.

Here's What Will Spook Markets | John Rubino

The Federal Reserve will have no other option than to continue to inflate. The re-nomination of Jerome Powell as Fed chair means nothing, says financial author John Rubino. The recent pull-back in metals is also meaningless, he says, for all the bullish fundamentals for gold and silver remain.

Dollar Collapse Ahead - 50% Drop In DXY | Simon Hunt

There will be a US dollar collapse in the coming years, says analyst Simon Hunt. He sees a 50% drop in the USD Index. Russia and China have been preparing by buying gold. He sees China rolling out a gold-backed currency.

Expect Inflation For Decades | Jonathan Davis

We could have high inflation for 30-years, says economist and wealth advisor Jonathan Davis. He says inflation is much higher right now than the government reports and that it's going to get worse. He outlines his investment thesis for the coming decades.

The Next BLACK SWAN & How To Prepare | Andy Schectman

"This is the time to do what the biggest money in the world is doing," says Andy Schectman, president & CEO of Miles Franklin. The world is dedollarizing and moving into gold. With stunning revelations of the new nominees for top financial leadership roles advocating MMT and soviet-style takeover of our bank accounts, many retail investors are looking for a path out of the matrix and moving into precious metals as well. Retail supply of physical gold and silver remain extremely tight.

Epoch Times article

"There's Something Broken With The Economy" | Dave Collum

"There's something broken with the economy," says Dave Collum. "There are no truck drivers. No one can get workers." It's not a booming economy as some purport, he says. "It's a completely malfunctioning economy." Find Dave Collum on Twitter @DaveBCollum.

Jaw-Dropping Move Coming Soon | Rob Kirby

Proprietary analyst and founder of KirbyAnalytics.com, Rob Kirby, returns to Liberty and Finance on the heels of Goldman Sachs being “stunned” by a record $2.6T in options traded in a single day, to warn of jaw-dropping volatility ahead, and a grave outlook for mortgage holders.

Article discussed in this interview: “Goldman Stunned By The Record $2.6 Trillion In Option Notional Traded Last Friday”

Expect High Inflation Even w/ Fed Taper | Lobo Tiggre

Gold and silver ended the week up despite the Fed announcing a taper. The Independent Speculator Lobo Tiggre says we could continue to see "persistent high inflation." People are realizing inflation is not "transitory," and this mass understanding should impact gold positively.

Inflation Is Going To Get Worse | Jim Rogers

"Inflation is here," says legendary investor Jim Rogers, "and it's going to get worse." He expects the next economic crisis will be the worst in his lifetime. How should someone invest in such an economic environment? "Stay with what you know," he says. "Become knowledgable because there are going to be difficult times."

Waypoints On The Way To Currency Destruction | Alasdair MacLeod

We are headed to currency destruction, says Head of Research of Gold Money Alasdair MacLeod. Along the way, we are seeing that "the whole system is trying to destroy personal freedom." Alasdair does not believe people will put up with this. "We will kick back, and it won't happen."

One place lack of freedom is found is in the gold and silver markets, he says. He believes precious metal prices are heavily manipulated. But when fully implemented, Basel III regulations will free precious metals from price suppression, he says, starting with settlements of unallocated metals accounts for cash as early as this month.

Are gold and silver markets manipulated? It's debated. Learn more here.

Top 3 Preparations To Make Now | Paul Helinski

Prepping expert Paul Helinski joins us to discuss the top three steps people should be making now. He also discusses the main myths out there about prepping. He stresses the importance of storable food. "Money is not going to get you out of this. Food is going to get you out of this."

How To Resist Tyranny | John Whitehead

In the face of countless encroachments upon our liberties, how do we fight for our freedom? Counstitutional attorney John Whitehead walks us through the ways in which the U.S. government is acting tyrannically right now. He says we must stand up for our rights by using our freedom of thought and freedom of speech to resist and reclaim our sovereignty now. CLICK HERE for the article mentioned in the interview. John Whitehead's new book: The Erik Blair Diaries: Battlefield of the Dead

$10,000 Gold & $200 Silver - Why It Could Happen | John Rubino

"The world is changing fundamentally," says analyst John Rubino. "When people start acting on the assumption that the Dollar is going to decline at an accelerating rate as far as the eye can see, then everything changes financially." He sees people moving into gold and silver at an even faster rate, pushing the prices to as high as $10,000 and $200 respectively.

1929 All Over Again - Catastrophic Crash Coming | Gareth Soloway

Gold is rising even as interest rates are rising. Inflation is what is causing them to rise simultaneously, says trader Gareth Soloway. As for the stock market, there could be a catastrophic crash coming. "I worry that you're going to be in a position much like we were in 1929 into 1930."

Loss Of Civilized Society | Alex Newman

All of our liberties are under assault simultaneously, at the crescendo of a century of usurpation of our sovereignty and of freedom. Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything he does. He joins us to discuss free speech, mandates, financial freedom, and parent's rights.

No End In Sight Of Supply Shortages | Trucking Insider

Our inside source in the trucking industry joins us to update us on the critical issues in the supply chain pertaining to transportation. "We've lived in some unprecedented times," he says. He sees "no end in sight - at least anytime soon." He recommends planning and preparing ahead, instead of relying on the (no longer) just-in-time supply chain.

Things Are Bad, & They're Going To Get Worse" | Bob Moriarty

Gold and energy analyst Bob Moriarty says we are headed into the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes. He explains how to be a contrarian in this tumultuous time. His approach to investing is so simple that it may surprise you.

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